Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pallas Athene in Taurus- Limited Edition

Most holy and pimped-out Palatua, its been a minute since we looked at what was going on with the Minor Planets, huh? This is quite ridiculous, frankly, and pretty much intolerable if I want to continue calling myself a Minor Planet Astrologer! Well, since the lady Pallas Athene keeps carrying on about it, I suppose we can do one of these to placate her for a minute.

The Warrior Princess has finally had it with all of Aries' shenanigans, and decides to head out for the greener pastures of Taurus. Once getting there and discovering that there is absolutely nothing happening and the rural life is nothing like what she thought it was, she decides to start a brand new campaign to unite the working class farmers and unionize against the oppressive regime of the city-dwelling Capricorn overlords.

As seemingly always with Our Lady Violence, this devolves into guerrilla warfare almost immediately.

After the smoke clears and the battles are fought, Pallas is installed as the new leader of the Athenian Associated Agrarian/ Agricultural Assembly (Or 5A) for short. When we leave her, she is only just barely visible over a veritable mountain of paperwork.

This transit is going to combine the tactical brilliance of Athene and the bloody-mindedness focus that Taurus is so famous for, a potent combination that will be much needed, with all this crazy high-energy Aries shenanigans that haven't even begun to start. The real magic here however, is in Athene's other gift/ dominion- Aside from being the goddess of Tactics and Wisdom, she is also the goddess of Crafting. This is going to be a time for you to get back to your roots and to re-commit to some kind of creative work, whatever that means to you. If you dont have anything like that, why dont you take something up? Taurus loves Art, anything to do with the body (dancing, bodypainting, cooking and eating, lots and lots of sex) and Vocal performing (acting, singing, lots and lots of sex). Explore that side of yourself, and have fun with it! This is a rockstar transit, so live it up!


As an aside, Hellraisers (and in that same track), this is some advice that I'm taking to heart here- Crazy huge things are brewing here at AG Central, and you're really going to want to stick around so that you can see what im cooking up! Stay frosty guys, because the awesomeness is incoming!

-The AstroGeek

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