Saturday, August 13, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius: Moving Forward

Seriously, Its that time again? Ok, time for me to look busy, say hmmmm a lot, and use "interesting...." way more than is necessary. Lets see....

The main goal here is Transformation. The last couple moons were about toxicity; mainly identifying and rejecting it, and here, we're fed up and actually getting rid of it! Its high time we start changing what we don't want in our lives anymore to get what we actually DO want. A big part of this is rejecting the conditioning that we need to act, speak, or behave in a certain way to get the approval of others in our life. But in the end, YOU are the star of this show, not anyone else. So ruffle some feathers, start ad-libbing, and take it to where you want it to go. Healthy rebellion is good, but don't take it too far. We don't need another Reign of Terror (Hold off on ordering the guillotine until the New Moon in Capricorn. It'll only make the neighbors suspicious).

The other side of this is that there are those (you know who they are) who are operating from an ego level, and you will be highly aware of this. DO NOT PLAY THEIR GAME!!! You will both lose in the end. Lord knows we don't need no more drama. Avoid, Detach, and Transform.

Ok, lets look at the planets.

The Sun/Moon: A conjunction to Venus indicates that harmony and love are on the brain, and as they should. Dont be so tough on yourself, this is the perfect opportunity for some self-love (Or some reckless adoration from your audience *hem hem*). You might be in danger of being in love with the idea of love, rather than the actual object of affection. The Sun is also making a trine to the North Node, so this is a great time to start something that you've been waiting for to further your goals. Quaoar sitting in a trine shows that there is a serious desire to perform, and create something. So do it! I promise it'll be fun. A trine to Bienor could definitely indicate that you could come under attack for something that you do, and you might not see it coming. A sextile to Eurydike and Ophelia, however, can show itself as a tendency to play the victim/martyr. Rise above, and channel that into something creative. The one to really watch though, is an Opposition to Damocles. There is a sword hanging over your head, and you need to tread carefully. Make sure you do not steamroll over anyone, and take their feelings into consideration (well, at least be aware of them).

Mercury: Still in retrograde, the tendency here is navel-gazing, and there's not much that's encouraging here. A Square to Asbolus indicates that your outlook can sway toward the negative, with a narrow vision and a fatalistic outlook. Remember, you have the power to change your life however you see fit AT ANY TIME. A square to Admetos further emphasizes this, adding in the challenge of running away from your problems when you should face them. Shoot from the hip and you will find you will be able to avoid a lot of convoluted drama, shown by a sextile to Sauer.

Venus: In addition to the pattern she is in with the Sun/Moon, Venus is sitting in a conjunction with Minerva, the Roman Athene. You would do well to avoid jumping into a relationship. Take your time, and watch yourself. A sextile to Thereus indicates a tendency to get taken in by glamour and illusion, so check the fine print. Keep your personal and professional lives separate. A square to Okyrhoe shows that you might come under fire because of your relationships. Listen to the criticism, because there's a niggling doubt that you have that needs addressed.

Mars: Still opposing Pluto, the frustration and difficulty that you are facing down right now is providing you with the impetus for a major change, one that will change your life drastically. Use it as a catalyst to turn lead into gold, or risk getting burned up. Let go of what no longer serves you; The more that you hold on, the more you get poisoned. A square to Kronos indicates that you will be asked to make tough decisions, but if you rise to the challenge, you will achieve your goals. Another square, this time to Terpsichore, shows that you may not feel like your life is really all that you want, but this is an excellent time to count your blessings. If thats not enough, and you start feeling negativity creeping in, go for a walk or hit the gym, get moving and clear your head. A conjunction to Amor shows that you are feeling very lovey-dovey, which is not a bad thing, per se, but make sure that you don't miss any details while you're looking through rose-colored glasses (jeez, how many more metaphors can i mix? (well, i never met a four i didn't like...) no further questions, your honor, the prosecution rests)). A conjunction to Cyllarus further emphasizes the martyr tendency, and another to Dionysus shows just how easy it is to overdo it right now.

Jupiter: Oh, Jupiter...What's to be done? Well, his only major aspects are a square to Vesta, showing a strain on your faith; and to Lachesis, indicating certain situations in your life have almost run their course; and to Kassandra, so your good advice will probably fall on deaf ears.

Saturn: Whew boy, someone's been busy! Saturn is taking a breather from the major players in the game, but behind the scenes is wheeling and dealing with some interesting aspects. A trine to Memoria and Hermes brings back the navel-gazing, but there's a lesson in the 
rehashing. Pay attention, because there will be a test. With Aesculapius also in the picture, your dreams can bring some important messages. The one that catches my eye though, is a trine to Phaethon. If you are daring, and not afraid to try something BIG, you can build upon your success and make a name for yourself. HUGE potential here, with the added benefit of protection from a major fall if you listen to both of these influences. Be bloody bold and resolute. A sextile to Hylonome shows that your dedication to those you love is going to be a major boon to you right now, so call up someone you really care about and just connect to them. You don't always need a reason to tell someone you care. An opposition to Pelion can leave you feeling a little alone, but know that you are being groomed for greatness.

Uranus: With an opposition to Atlantis, now's not the best time for that shiny new idea. hold off for a bit, and perfect it a little more. A trine to Itokawa, however, shows that you have reached a major milestone, and that you have made great progress. A sextile to Hephaistos builds on this. Call your mom, or if she is no longer with us, take some time and honor her memory. If you are still carrying an old hurt regarding her, now is the time to let that go. A trine to Apollo shows that you are shining bright now, so use it while you have it.

Neptune: Wow. Starting out, there is an opposition to Isis, so look for magic in your daily life. Don't be surprised if it shows up in some unlikely places! Helping others is a great way to work through some of this frustration, but don't forget to help yourself first. A square to Hidalgo and Chariklo can put you in the spotlight, but in this case its more of putting you on the spot. Breathe, and don't rush anything or be too hasty. You never know who's watching. With a sextile to Siva, there is MAJOR transformation taking place. Meditation is a great boon right now; patience and detachment are a MUST. Don't let yourself be clouded by the mundane crap (but dont forget to pay the cable bill!). Also, feelings of "I should/shouldn't" can be an issue; Remember that you did the best you could with what you had at the time, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it now. A square to Lilith can mean that you are feeling repressed/trapped, most likely by your own choices. Also, a sextile to Child brings up an excellent time to get in touch with your inner child. Are all your needs being met? Are you throwing a tantrum?

Pluto: A square to Altjira shows that you want to just run away and start over, but this is really just a call to transformation in disguise. A trine to Diana further emphasizes this, but here its much healthier to go walk in the park than pack up and move. Another square, this time to Juno, shows that power games and drama are major traps in your path. Know who to trust. A trine to Osiris is helping you resurrect the dreams that you gave up in order to pay the bills. An opposition to Askalaphus can cause you to be punished for trying to play by the rules and speak the truth, but the truth will win out, so stick to your guns. A trine to Elatus is a major mood booster, much needed right now. Use it to assuage that doubt that all this change in your life is actually working against you. Take stock of how far you've come, and don't forget to be grateful for all the progress you've made!

All in all, big things are in the works, so trust that you're on the right track and go forth with confidence. After all, fortune favors the bold!


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