Sunday, August 28, 2011

Under Seige

I come to you tonight, dear reader, from behind enemy lines. There are bombs exploding all around the compound, and we are frighteningly short on our supplies of chocolate covered gold, which the evil forces of xixixixix will stop at nothing to get their grubby green hands on. Luckily, we have about a week until the end of their life cycle, so there are no worries there. With enough ammo to start the next 14 world wars, I have no doubts as to our continued survival in our lush palatial island. However, as they have hijacked our satelite for their daily Telenovelas, there might be a continuation of the unavoidable delay in new content. But dont take that as a sign that i am slacking and just lounging on the beach somewhere, oh no! Big updates are in the works, like new consults, new features, and maybe (just maybe) a site overhaul? You'll have to stick around and see!

                                                                                       Yours in Awesome
                                                                                            -The AstroGeek

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