Sunday, September 11, 2011

Full Moon in Pisces: Sunshine and Shadows

Well, its that time again; Time to take a break from all that pesky sanity crap, and make a visit to Le Hotel du Crazy Pants (I heard they have a great band in the hotel bar this week!). Kiddies, this full moon is going to be a wild ride, let me just tell you.

Ok, this time the Moon is in the sign that is the hardest to pin down, Pisces. Ah, Pisces... Without you, there would be no church, no booze, and no magic in this world. Traditionally, Pisces rules (is influenced by/ influences) all these things along with such fun like hospitals, drugs, God, religion, rehab, anything that gets you high or takes you down, really. And the moon (emotions) in this sensitive, roller coaster of emotion of a sign can definitely spell trouble. The thing is, this can also open you up to dazzling new worlds that you had no idea existed, beyond your wildest dreams. A Neptune transit (Ruler of Pisces) is truly a magical experience, but one that can get out of control very easily.

The key to staying in control is Temperance. Pisces loves to overdo everything, and hates boundaries. The problem is, Pisces forgets that limits can be a good thing sometimes. Luckily, across the aisle, you find Virgo, the sign of control, sobriety, moderation, and the nitty gritty. Full disclosure, I have very little in Virgo (No classical planets, but a few TNOs) therefore, i have a hard time writing about it without sticking to the textbook. Where Pisces is the rosy haze, and the drunken chaos (or the transcendent experience) Virgo is the clear-headed, number crunching, green tea and pilates routine, mundane bliss. The problem here arises when Virgo denies itself the simple pleasures and indulgences that keep one's mood up, and get the endorphins going. When they dont, those pressures build up, and when Virgos get too pent-up, they go nuclear, and sabotage themselves, and lose faith in just about everything. Then they get inspired, a la pisces, and the dance begins all over again. The goal here is balance between mystical and mundane. Its a fine line, but if you can walk it, there is literally nothing that you cannot do.

Any time Pisces is involved, things feel a little unreal. Like you took a wrong turn and ended up in Wonderland by mistake, and now everyone expects you to save the day. Now, normally you would just saw "pffffft, screw that im outta here!", but the thing is you're stuck here until you face down the dragon (or jabberwock/evil monarch/zombie muffin army. Pick your poison.) and thats the only way to get home, back to reality. Dull, boring, monotonus reality filled with meetings, obnoxious people, zits and bills. Yep, thats where we want to go, no question. "Wait, hold on" you say "Since we're stuck here anyway, we might as well enjoy ourselves, right? I mean, whats the harm in playing the Hero for a bit, going on grand adventures and such? Its not like its hurting anyone...". And you would be dead wrong. You my friend, have just lost yourself in the Bermuda Triangle, aka the Pisces Fantasy Zone. Its all too easy to get caught up in the drama, the magic of it all, and then you end up burned to a crisp. Or if you're one of the unlucky ones, you get out, but you are dreaming of getting back in every second of every day, a junkie for the memories. Now, when you see this, it is scary. And once it happens, theres usually no going back to the old life, kind of like when Pluto is involved, but with Pluto, you are forced to make the new life work, even though its rough. Pisces lets you go on, its just you're in zombie mode now. The only real way to break it is through some serious Virgo; strcit diet, getting everything in order and getting your life functioning again, and letting it go. Then, once you do that, the magic happens: you begin to see the magic all around you! And that is the end goal for Pisces: a magical life, that no one can take away.

Okay, now on to the rest of the chart!

The Sun and Moon: Aside from the obvious Opposition, theres really not a whole lot going on with these two. The Sun is sitting in the same sign, but making no aspect to Mercury and Venus, and the same goes for the Moon and Ceres. Unless, of course, you count their Square to the North Node. So you can count on this Full Moon to shake up and make you question your ideas on where your life is headed, and to how far you've come.  Also in square is Memoria, so watch out for getting lost in your own reverie at the cost of the present. The Sun in is a trine to Hybris, so watch what you say, and make sure you dont get too proud and arrogant. Interestingly, Osiris is another hot asteroid this Cycle, so try to ressurect yourself from this funk that's been in the air lately (Hint- its Pluto). Lady Luna is sextile Sauer, so emotions are going to be going rapid-fire, changing and shooting at you faster than you can dodge them. Just try not to get anyone else caught in the cross-fire. The Moon is also in a trine to House, so try to stay home if you can. if you cant, make sure to carve out a space for yourself, even if only emotionally, to weather out the storm. Trust me, you'll be glad for the refuge.

Mercury: Mercury has moved into Virgo, and is loving every second of it! He pretty much has the run of the place, but is having fun annoying Uranus, sitting in a quincunx. He is also trining Pluto, so expect a lot of your old ideas to fade away, if they weren't working to help you better your life, that is. Luckily, you should get a ton of new ones, a la Uranus. Dont try to B.S. your way through this one, just be honest about what's not serving you anymore and let it go. Face the facts. If that wasnt enough, hes is in opposition to Chiron, making it very easy to reopen old wounds right now, try to find the lesson in the pain. A quincunx to Vesta makes it easy to lose sight of what really matters to you. A square to Altjira indicates that you might want to try to run away from your problems, but its really not as scary as you think, the solution is staring you in the face. An opposition to Teharonhiawako shows that you are struggling with your shadow, and you probably feel like you're losing. Keep pushing back, and you'll gain back your ground. Ill be doing a series of posts on the shadow, and strategies to integrate it into your life, so stay tuned if you're struggling there. Hephaistos is also involved, in a square. This can cause you to think that what you are working on right now is not worth the effort, and you probably want to quit. Now this could be a valid call to a greater work, but probably is just fatigue. Take some time for yourself, and de-compress. A trine to Icarus has got your mind soaring to new heights, and  right now is an excellent time to tackle that problem that has been on the forefront of your brain. A square to Lilith, however can take things to far and may lead you to push the envelope a bit more than is wise, and can leave you out in the cold. Further adding to this mix is a conjunction to Pandora, aka Trouble on Two Legs. You have an insatiable curiosity, and cant help yourself from investigating. So what if you uncover some nasty truths in the process? Well, the sooner you face them, the sooner you get stronger. (Hint- You will, and you need to face them now, because they're seriously undermining your happiness and mental health, as well as your life progression. Ignore at your own peril!). The other part of this is that you have something to share with the world, and THIS IS THE TIME to do so! A sextile to Orpheus shows it will most likely to be well recieved, but try not to step on any toes or you could end up ripped to shreds.

Venus: Our girl is still lighting up Virgo as she wraps up her quick stay there, and getting ready to move into Libra, her home sign. Before she does, she makes an opposition to Ceres, highlighting the delicate balance between my needs/ your needs, and what you are willing to do for your those you love, even if it means risking just about everything in the process. Further highlighting this is a trine to Asbolus, leaving you to focus on what you need and little else. A sextile to Mars is a super-strong passion booster, cranking it up to 11 and ripping off the knob. However, in these signs, you have sensitive passion that understands the needs and restrained love, or love with strings attached. Making a love triangle out of this is Vulkanus in another sextile, wich may leave you torn between two draws of your heart. Choose wisely. A conjunction to Makemake can leave you feeling quite mischievous indeed! Use it to your advantage and win the heart of your object of desire! Finally, a trine to Pallas Athene helps you get the perspective you need Listeto acheive your goals.

Mars:  Alright, listen up Mars- You need to get the F%$# out of Cancer, ASAP. This whole one step forward, two steps sideways dance that has been going on lately? We are fed up, for realsies. No offense or anything. Til then, however, we have Mars sextile Asbolus, helping you get what you need to survive (and not much else, im afraid). A sextile to Logos helps, keeping what you do alinged with what you want, even if itseems like it is going the most sidewards direction possible, and a trine to Niobe can leave you very aware of what you have now. Remember to be VERY grateful and humble for your situation, and the progress you've made, because disaster has a funny way of striking right after you boast about your awesomeness. A sextile to Urania should help keep you on your game, however, and help you stay detached. Not to be left out of the picture is an opposition to Pallas Athene, so if you feel threatened by someone who has some different gifts than you, try not to steamroll over them, or engage in power play games, because you might just need their help getting out of a jam soon. And if things go south, just remember, we're almost done, just one more week and you should get your moxie back! Til then, dont skip your lower body workout, and avoid cream based soups like the plauge.

Jupiter: Well, Jupiter's gone retrograde, and is acting like the one kid that didnt get invited to the part but came anyway. A sextile with Askalaphus is giving him a (soon to be) fatal case of diarrhea of the mouth. A sqaure to Bacchus is causing confidence to be at an all-time low, but that'll fade pretty quick. A trine to Isis makes for a productive aspect, as long as you dont get in your own way and sabotage what you want. Stay focused and make the most of this. Visualization excersises are very good ways to use this time.

Saturn: Well, Saturn is very cozy in Libra, with Juno on his arm, keeping everything just oh so perfect. A sextile to the North Node could indicate a new partner or productive new adventure, but a wide opposition to Eris shows that not all is as it appears. A conjunction to Haumea shows the true potential of creating the new structures in your life, aiding you at every turn. A sextile to Ixion can leave you feeling like you are just going round and round on the carousel, however. It will all pay off though, trust me. A sextile to Hebe further pushes the issue of worth, and of the rewards for your service. The recognition you have been craving could be just around the corner. Another conjunction, this time to Terpsichore, can leave you feeling downright giddy! The old curmudgeon is actually enjoying himself, and having a good time! And everyone is reaping the rewards, let me tell you.

Uranus: Still retrograde, Uranus is stitting in the middle of the room, acting like a bridezilla on crack; demanding huge changes to your life to make it more in tune with his super-awesome plans (sitting in a dinosaur office that breathes fire. Make it work!) and they need to happen NOW, no arguments willl be heard. Any attempt to reason with him, and he sticks his fingers in his ears til you get to work on his vision. He is still in square to Pluto, shaking everything up and leaving you feeling like you dont have a leg to stand on. A strengthening sextile to Vesta helps you stay on track, and dedicated to the cause. Remember to keep your own needs in focus too. A square to Crantor, however can indicate that if you push others too hard, you could lose a valueable ally. Check in with those around you, make sure you're not running roughshod over their emotions. They have dreams too, you know. A trine to Echelus is a huge help, letting you see both the big picture and the nitty gritty with ease, something not to be taken for granted during this Full Moon. Another trine, this time to Ascelpius, is screaming out "Physician, heal thyself!". It'll be way easier right now than normal. Pay attention to any messages that you get in your dreams, as well. A square to Hera can crank  up the jealousy level, and make it easier to slip into those power games. However, it also causes an increased desire for perfection, so its not all bad. Just rise above, and you'll be fine. Oh and dont call your mother a cow, unless you have a death wish and want her to never speak to you again.

Neptune: The ruler of the Full Moon is very active. The conjunction with Chiron has you desiring major changes in how you live your life, and in your relationships. Strip away the things that dont serve you, or continue to drag along the toxicity, its up to you. A trine to Apophis can make it very easy for you to slip into the lower expressions of this, and let the toxicity rule the day, causing chaos in your life. Another trine, to Hekate, helps you to create the magic that you dream of; visualize it first, and then make it happen. A square to Hygeia calls for a more wholistic approach to your situation. Again, I can't stress enough that if something is not working anymore, LET IT GO! Now what we mean by that is release your emotional attachment to whether it succeeds or fails, so that it cannot drag you down, and when you release that, you leave yourself open to a new paradigm that you can create. Another square, to Tantalus, can leave you desiring what you cannot have, or what is taboo. The glamour that Neptune brings to the table can cause you to lose all sight of reason and do something you'll regret.

Pluto: Well theres some great news here, as surly emo Pluto is about to go direct. Try to focus on reclaiming your power, in whatever fashion that means for you, and not getting involved in the petty emo drama (It WILL come back to bite you, and faster than you think, trust me). A sextile to Chiron brings up all those old wounds, and helps you to go deep and actually heal. Another sextile to Orpheus further reinforces this idea, and challenges you to go deep into the underworld and get back what's important to you. A trine to Pandora helps you open the box of your subconcious and face the darkness in there, and see the hope at the bottom. Another sextile, this time to Sauer indicates that the wounds you inflict now, or that are inflicted on you, go deep and are likely to linger. Stay aware.

All in all, a powerful Moon, but its just a precursor to what's about to happen. Between Venus moving into Libra, Mars into Leo, and Pluto finally going direct, all the emo-blech drama and walking on eggshells to protect other people from themselves is going end immediately. These guys are looking to change the game entirely. Til then, keep your head up, and your eyes open!

                                                                                          Sincerely yours
                                                                                          -The AstroGeek

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