Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon in Libra: Jetpack Underwear

Still with me everybody? Good, because everything we just did is absolute cake. Those last 10 miles? Nothing to it! The lava pits, underwater pass, and the spike traps? Easy-Peasy! This is the halfway point. Now, we get to turn around and go back UP the mountain! Get STOQUED! (pause for inevitable groans) What, just three of you made it? But i was taking it easy on you guys today.... Oh well, more fun for us!

Welcome to Libra everybody! Glad you could join us. Pop a squat and lets plan out our little operation, shall we? First things first: Congratulations are in order for making it this far. We still have a long way to go, however, so this is only a brief respite. This New Moon is agitating the hell out of that old Cardinal Cross (what, you  didnt think we were done with that yet, did you? No way, sugarplum; we still got 2 more rounds of that monkey business!) This time, the focus is on Saturn. And Juno. Not to mention the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus... Jeez o'pete, there's a whole lot of Libra going on! Can you handle all this nice, happy, rose-colored optomism? (In a word, No.)

Now here's what the field is looking like right now: Cardinal Cross is back until the start of next week. What to do with this: Re-charge and re-align to that awesome whirlwind of change and positivity that you were 6 months ago. The mood has been anything but confident and revolutionary as of late, but right now? Total Awesome. You can feel it in the air, its like Pandora finally let Hope out of her pithos! This week is a great time to get back in the game, and to remind the world that you're still alive and kicking ass! That pipe dream you were so jazzed about back in March? Give it another look, see if you cant come up with a way to make it even more snazzy (No Daphne, put the bedazzler back down. Thats not what I meant.) and maybe come up with a new plan to put in to action this time, instead of hanging back. Go rock that audition, Ace that interview, or just stun on your night out. You're calling the shots this time, and nothing's going to happen unless you get out of your own way.

The Sun and Moon: Jumping right into the frying pan here, we see an energizing sextile from Mars, rocking the stage and challenging you to do the same. Uranus is sitting on the other side of the fence, picketing for "Change: Now, Damnit!!" (No one invited him to the party, not after what happened the last time). He isnt practicing what he preaches, though, so its a very lonely picket line. A much needed Pallas Athene is adding her detached, pure wisdom to the moment instead of just spouting off tired idealogy. A quincux to Chiron and Neptune, sitting uncomfortably in the corner, reminds you that you weren't always in the limelight, so try to bring others in on your victories, and help celebrate theirs. When one of us wins, we all win (so celebrate accordingly). The agitating square to Pluto, while painful, is helping you grow up to be the person you want to be. Stop fighting to hold on to what's not working, so you can get to work building what will. There's also a sextile to Hygeia, so taking care of your health is vital right now if you aren't trying to be benched. Eat right, excercise, and tan (Mars in Leo, don't shoot the messenger!). A square to Eurydike is pushing the boundaries of how far your partner (if you have one, of course) is willing to go for you. Dont get caught up in that game, its the kiss of death for sure. Oh, and ladies? No playing the Damsel-in-Distress card. Wait til the Full Moon to sling that BS. A trine to Kassandra is warning you that your warnings about a situation will be going unheeded, so dont try to force the issue. State your case, and let the chips fall where they may. Make sure you listen to good counsel yourself! A trine to Lachesis highlights the ideas and lessons that have had their time, recognize them, and detach from them so we can cut them away in Scorp. A square to Siva could easily find you on the warpath for some minor trifle. Remember, its just hair, it will grow back (watch the Leos wince; "Lies!" they roar) there's no need to destroy that hairdresser's day, and possibly career undeservedy. Another square, this time to Icarus, shows that your comfy, safe life is starting to feel like a prison sentence. You'll get to break free, but not just yet. Be a little more patient, and don't get carried away. A trine to Hephaistos helps you stay focused, but remember not to bring your work home with you. Carve some time out for yourself. A square to Child can easily transform the ego into something out of a parents worst nightmare. No Tantrums! A sextile to Tantalus can leave you feeling like the goal is so close that you can taste it, but is always just out of reach, leading you to dismay. All is not lost, however! There is a trine to Heracles, and a sextile to Eschelus, filling you with all the confidence you need to get the job done, and then some!

[Authors Note: I feel absolutely awful for anyone who tries to translate my incoherent ramblings into their native tounge (I'm talking to you, Korea!!). 100% serious right now, if this is you, email me and ill do everything i can to help make it easier for you]

Venus: Aahh, Venus. The Belle of the ball tonight, its her party and she knows it. Sitting exactly halfway through her home sign of Libra, she gets ready to meet with Saturn and Juno. What happens when the Gods of Love and Beauty; Marriage and Commitment; Duty and Dilligence get together? Well, if your ducks are all in a row, and you've been true to yourself and your needs, then this could definitely be your reward for all the hard work. If things are not so in-tune, however, expect the situation to get worse before it gets better. Adding into the mix is a sextile to the North Node, focusing on the future and starting a new chapter in your life. Furthering this goal is Astraea, sextiling our girl, softening her rough edges, and instilling a real, human love for the situation right now. Also, if you need to re-enter someone's life that you may have lost touch with (as long as you parted on good terms) now would be a good time to extend that olive branch. A conjunction to Toro, however, shows that you can be quite ruthless to anything that stands in your way, and if there is a difference of opinion, you will not give in easily. Watch for a square to Dionysius, there is an increased tendency to imbibe. Keep a level head at all times. A trine to Chaos provides you with the building blocks for the life you want to create, but in the end it is up to you to supply the blueprints. A sextile to Ixion shows that you have learned a lot in your suffering lately, and its time to graduate, and move on to the next level. But watch out for that sextile to Narcissus, and dont spend too much time admiring your own reflection.

MARS: I dont know why it always capitalizes when i type that out, but as he bellows out in joy every time, it does, its staying.  Our warrior is not too active right now, fitting for Libra. No, he's content just to stay on stage and play the show. There's a wide square to Jupiter, so a propensity for big dreams may be valid, avoid putting them into action till the windbag goes direct again. Use the trine to Uranus to help put your personal stamp of excellence on it, and bring it into its highest form. An opposition to Vesta shows you may be torn between your need for glory, and the needs of your cause. Take a more active role in your pet project and you'll suprise yourself at how well you handle the challenge. A sextile to Altjira heightens the need to put your super-high energies into creative works right now. Embrace your inner Superstar!!

Jupiter: Oh Jupiter, what are we to do with you? Squaring Vesta, the gassy fiend is feeling rather pagan, and imbibing in Dionysius' famous wine (not to mention his famous nymphs!). There is a trine to Elatus, further amping up the good mood, and general optimism, but dont be fooled by snake oil salesmen (or Mercury armed with roses!). A sextile to Cyllarus lends great confidence, and natural alpha-male leadership skills, but be careful not to paint yourself up as too much of a hero if you can't deliver on the promise. An opposition to Deucalion can leave you feeling slightly adrift, like you're just waiting for the clouds to clear and the path will be swathedin heavenly light (not going to happen, but a pretty picture nonetheless). Get out there and make what you want happen! Another opposition, this time to Ceto, can make you feel an uneasy sense of dread and danger, something you cant quite put your finger on.... Trust your instincts.

Saturn: The old codger is finally moving again, now that Mercury returned his walker ( "But I just needed to borrow it for a second!!" ) A great Sextile to the North Node shows that your sights are set on the future, and the past is buried behind you. And not a moment too so on, if we had to spend another second dredging up every. single. one. of those old issues, i was about to kill someone. No matter. There is an exciting opposition to Eris, stimulating you to reach for new heights, and not to let anything stop you. A quincunx to Ceres indicates you might be averse to accepting other's help, prefering your own counsel. Dont shut them out, these are the people who care about you. A supportive trine to Eros though, helps you stay in touch with your more human side, so there's no real danger of not having those you need around you. A trine to Phaethon helps your star rise, but don't bite off more than you can chew or you'll be brought back down to earth in a hurry! Damocles sword is hanging over your head though, so watch you back (and the ceiling) Saturn Conjunct Haumea helps you get out and reconnect to our great, magical world.

Uranus: Stuck in the picket line, Uranus has a lot of time to think. Right now, with a sextile to Amor, the weirdo god is having a rare, protacted inner battle over love; real Human love, not the impersonal, universal love he enjoys. A trine to Chariklo though shows that your message is directly speaking from the human subconcious, and therefore, you find it easy to rally support for it,

Neptune: Can't I just skip this part? Ugh, okay. The only aspect i'm seeing is an opposition to Psyche. Eat it up, Fabio!

Pluto: Watch out for Teharonhiawako, mood change can happen, just like that. Use the opportunity to transmute some of the older, outdated and particular emotions and drama that really has no place in your life. Once you do, you'll be suprised at what comes in to take its place!

 All in all, an excellent opportunity to get yourself back on track, just keep a clear head. Identify the places that you are ready to let go of, but dont get too hung up on making the changes happen yesterday. Make the project flawless first, and worry about implementing it next month. Focus and Refine, Let go and Re-align is the name of the game! Just get back in there, and yes, YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT! That does not mean that a porsche is going to show up in your driveway just because you stick it on your vision board. These things take work, a lot of it, and that's what we're doing right now! Stay the course!

                                                                                     -The AstroGeek

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