Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturn Sextile Scorpio (and Trine Chiron)- Scar Tissue

Show of hands- Who feels like this right now? All of you (Including your humble Astrologer)? Good, you're not lying to yourself. Awesome, you're ahead of the game. So, here's the rules for the next round:

Saturn and Pluto are resuming their fuqery- Enjoy that. If that wasn't enough, Chiron is also coming to the party too. Fun times, aye? So since we haven't really had a chance to sit down and talk about it, man to audience, I think its high time we made this happen.

Lets start from the outside in- Pluto: The black, dread lord of Hell. The bastard is in Capricorn (Saturn's Sign) and has been raking you over the coals since about 2008. This produces one of two extreme effects- Either you break under his torture, or you get stronger and use his power as your own. More often then not however, one leads to the other with our Dark Lord. Still, we're stuck in his particular hell till about 2024, so not much we can do about the situation, except for to manage as best as possible, be relentlessly upwardly mobile at all times, and make sure to grab a piece of the pie for you and yours- screw anyone else.

Saturn of course, is currently in Scorpio (Pluto's Sign)- So the two create a mutual reception, strenthening and supporting each others goals, giving each other a strong ally. Saturn is of course, the Lord of Time and is a relentless teacher of his lessons- But very generous to those that he favors and the ones who choose to work with him instead of fighting. In Scorpio, he is the torturer that forces you to rake others over the coals, speeding up the Pluto process. However if you only agree to do it, and abandon your own inhibitions toward it, then the rewards are palpable- You become a King of Hell, in and of a sort.

Chiron is the wild card- Not part of the mutual reception, and in Pisces with Neptune (but far enough away not to exacerbate matters), Chiron is someone we haven't spent nearly enough time talking about. However, I could devote every post from now til the end of the site and I still couldnt cover Chiron enough. Chiron is the Master, the Wounded Healer who is both animal and man, and uses his wisdom (and pain) to train up Heroes. He takes regular, broken down and tired people and transforms them into brilliant, shining amazing specimens of what we could all be, at our best. He takes us in and shares what he knows, for our own benefit, so that we can go out and share it with others to make the world better, however we can.

Now how to read these three together? I assure you, it would be much easier if we didnt have a huge, fuck-off stellium in Pisces muddying up the already very cloudy waters- The Sun, Mercury Retro, Venus, Mars,  and Neptune (the sign Ruler), all cozied up together (well, give or take a few degrees). But we do, so there you have it. Anyway, this gives all three of the players listed above a major power boost, so they are given even more importance. At least if you listen to them, that is.

Anyway, how it goes is something like this- Pluto cuts you off at the knees, breaks and tortures you, bringing back all of your old pain and baggage that you refuse to deal with. Then Saturn swoops in, scoops you up and says "Look, you know what would help you and make you feel a lot better? Making someone ELSE feel what you've been put through. Here, let me show you how its done." From there, you learn, and get more proficient, but emotionally you're frozen and even more broken then before. At your worst, enter Chiron. He grips you tight, and lifts you out of Perdition- taking you back to his cave, a safe place, and he helps you heal.

Once you confront your demons, and learn to laugh at them, then you do the process in reverse- You go back to the gates of hell, kick them in, and help others to get free when and where you can. You learn the hard lessons, like how not everyone can be, or even wants to be, saved; And even when you save them, they never thank you (Saturn)- but you save a couple. You make a difference. Not as much as you may want, but never discount a small action- they usually have the greatest effects. You pass on what you know, and what you learned. You learn a couple things yourself! You see it all again, through their eyes, and it gives you a fresh perspective. You come away changed, and better for it- Rooted in a strong sense of Self and embracing your own power, you become magnificent (Pluto).

As to what happens after that, well thats entirely up to you. Besides, id hate to ruin the surprise!

-The Astrogeek 


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