Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Venus in Pisces- In Love With a Stripper


Watch out for this one boys, shes nothing but trouble. She'll whisper in your ears, promising you the world, make you really feel like you matter, and then disappear the second you turn your back with your wallet and your watch. Probably your pants too. The thing is, you wont be too broken up about it, because for the briefest of seconds, she was with YOU, and you will walk away like a champion.

Ladies, you are to read the above and instead of getting indignant at Astro, your mission is to embody that, the ultimate magic and mystery to being a woman (i.e. disappear when you have to take a shit instead of letting the poor bastard see that you actually have bodily functions, so that you can keep the magic alive.)
For both sexes, be very careful, because you are going to be highly susceptible to believing in the magic. Youre going to want it to be real with all of your heart, but its not. Its fleeting, its wonderful, and its a lie- but that doesnt mean it isnt real. Believing is the fastest way to end up in the gutter slumming with Neptune...

But just for the briefest of moments, you'll let yourself believe; and in that moment you remember why its so amazing to be alive. Even better- you'll remember what alive really feels like.

Venus in Pisces. Exaltation. Mystery. Magic. Majesty.
-The AstroGeek

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