Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retrograde- Coloring Inside the Lines

If that girl doesnt have some crazy undiscovered TNO smack dab on her Ascendant ill eat my hat. Anyway, Saturn- The Time Lord is about to go Retrograde. Cue melancholy, depression, and the chutzpah to get up and do something about it.

The facts are these- Saturn is going to highlight a situtation that has become intolerable (i.e.- wherever you have Scorpio in your chart) and that needs a rapid intervention. You will need to take action on this, you HAVE needed to take action on it for some time, but you didnt, so now its a problem. This will be a long slog to get anywhere, and it is not an easy road. You are not in a position to be fighting this- Accept it first. Then let start taking action.

Once you do that, the magic starts to happen...

Ya see, with Saturn, you really cant fight him. Well you can, but it gets messy. And with us right at the start of Pisces, I strongly advise you to take the easy way out here. Escape. Slip out the back. Its the very antithesis of Saturn, but with him in Scorpio he understands that you must do whatever is necessary to acheive your goals.

The only thing you cannot do is break the rules, whatever form they may take for you. DO NOT BREAK YOUR OWN RULES! Just dont do it, I promise you the consequences will be much much worse than if you just take the hit at the outset.

Of course, look at where you have Scorpio for more info- House position will tell you everything.

Stay tough guys
-The AstroGeek

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