Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mercury in Pisces- On the Lam

Gods, like we didnt have enough to put up with already... Mercury is now in Pisces and gearing up for his retrograde. Wonderful. Well, lets dive in, shall we?

Retrograde... Yeah not even dealing with that right now. Hes still direct damn it, so he will be treated as such. Hes storming through Pisces at top speed, flying past Neptune so that he doesnt get trapped in his fantasy mire, waving at Chiron as he passes, and blazing out past Mars to grab the win. This pisses off everyone who's slumming in Pisces, causing them to band together and yank the smug little bastard back to the start and damnit this has become another Retrograde reference.

Look, we'll come back to this in my Retrograde post. Til then, stay off the cocaine, avoid bars if at all possible and for the love of god...*bzzzzzz*....whatever you do, dont....*static*


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