Friday, February 1, 2013

Venus in Aquarius- Strange Attractors

Raise your glass Hellraisers! Our Lady Venus is now in Aquarius! And like I was saying in the Mars in Pisces post, she is the other half of the crazypants astro we now get to deal with! Yay!

Well its really not so crazypants, Mars and Venus are lining up for their conjunction later on, one of everyone's favorite transits! And guess what- This time, its on Mars' terms, in Aries. Thats right people. If you needed further confirmation that 2013 was going to be absolutely amazing and insane, look no further than that transit. But we'll get to that when it comes.

For now, the goddess of love has entered the realm of the mad scientist, and the not-quite-all-there. Shes going to be rampaging in here, flipping emotional levers at random, just to see whats going to happen. If you come at this from a standpoint of emotions and security, then you are going to hate every second BUT if you switch your perspective and say, "Okay bitch- you got me. Now lets have some fun with this!" and join her in the lever flipping, taking notes as you go, you may just find out a lot about yourself, and your emotional reactions and triggers.

Now Our Girl doesnt really have anyone to play with in Aqua this go-around, other than the sun, so she gets a little down. Anyone who knows Venus knows that this is something to avoid at all costs, because it is a damn slippery slope from a little down to Queen Venus, Destroyer of Worlds (well, at least relationships). Right now though, you need to watch for a tendency to detach emotionally and allow yourself to rationalize your emotions and try to run them through your head first. Dont do this. I know it directly contradicts what I said earlier- live with it, its Astro. You need to be concerned with the pure science of exploring your emotions, not focused on the results that your experiments will bring.

Above all else, dont forget to feel
-The Astrogeek

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