Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mars in Pisces- The Grace of the Warrior

So these guys... Mars into Pisces is part one of the days shenanigans; We also have to deal with Venus moving into Aquarius. So lets just focus on the warrior for the moment, eh?

Mars into Pisces... Christ, this one is always difficult and thats coming from someone who has it natally. So what can we expect with our boy about to dive into the Piscean abyss? Well, normally id just advise against anything that involves direct, decisive action, and prepare to spend a lot of time in seedy bars doing seedy things.

This time however its different, because of the aforementioned Venus craziness. We have to look at them together. Normally, id say that Mars in Pisces will cause you to act from a more emotional place than you would usually act from, and all actions taken must be in line with where you want to be in your path in a universal sense.

Heres the thing- I can talk about how you need to identify what you want and to go for it til im blue in the face, but in the end it has to come from you. And once you do that, you then are faced with a serious conundrum that everyone who has done this has faced, right alongside you- Where do I start?

Whenever someone asks me this, I always say the same thing- "At the beginning". Usually I get hit for being trite, but its true. You have to define a goal, set your trajectory towards it, then take steps to get there. Its not a one-step process, nor is it one size fits all. And in Pisces its even more difficult, because Pisces never takes the straight path- Hell they're lucky if they keep moving forward! The Fishes swirl around, moving this way and that, exploring all possible avenues. So when you start doing this, dont be alarmed- You know where its coming from.

The scene you have to face- Straight out of the gate, Mars runs into Neptune. These two do not play well with each other, especially when its on Neptune's terms. Seriously, avoid substance abuse- It becomes heightened with these guys. Once hes clear of Neptune, he hits Chiron, forcing him to confront what he has been ignoring. You have two choices- Do it with humility and awareness, and gain emotional growth and reclaiming a lot of inner peace. Or you could do it the other way, and play the victim, screaming out "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??" to anyone who will listen, but that way has so much sturm und drang and drama, why would you want to? Nah, go with the mature way. Channel the warrior and make some shit happen. And make the gym your refuge for gods sake- Everyone has to have somewhere, and Mars loves the gym- Its all he freaking talks about anymore.

-The AstroGeek

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