Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mercury in Capricorn- By A Thousand Cuts

Gah. Reality bites, Hellraisers. I have never had more good ideas, and seeing how I could feasibly put them into effect, step by step, but I have never been in less of a position to actualize them. Which brings us to Mercury.

Yes, he is now in Capricorn, so the party is over and its time to clean up the mess. While you're cleaning, you get to think, think and think some more. You will have genius insights, and painful realizations. Keep a notebook handy to write these down (I have several, strewn all about and its really starting to aggravate certain people). Use this time to fire up those synapses into ways to further your own aims. Is there something that you could turn into a new revenue stream? Does your current system need an overhaul?

If you've been put into an uncomfortable situation that left you feeling powerless and weak recently, think about what led you to that situation- How are you going to take action against that happening in the future? Plot out your financials, explore your options, do what needs to be done. Dont take anything off the table if you can help it. You never know what might be your golden ticket. Remember, if it can be tracked, it can be conquered!!

But back to Mercury for a sec. In antiquity, in addition to being the god of communications, he also ruled commerce, business, and magic (and pretty much everything else. Seriously, the guy was a workaholic!) so capitalize on his help right now! Work with the bastard to spin some straw into gold! It is totally possible, no alchemy required. You just need a good Gemini salesman!

*Speaking of, ive reduced the prices on the consults for 2013. Email me if you're interested in one!*

Til next time, Hellraisers!

-The AstroGeek

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