Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full Moon in Leo- March Of The Divas

Ooooooh, shes been a bitch tonight! And by bitch I mean this Moon! Its in LEO, Hellraisers!
Holy Helios, this is going to be fun. This is also the perfect moment to really clear out all the guano that is still in the air from 2012, and claim your stake in 2013, announcing your presence and making a grand entrance. 

Its not all sunshine and glamour though- this lunation is in a major square to Saturn and has very strong contacts with Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus as well. Of course ill go into devastatingly painful amounts of detail below, but the theme is this- You're going to have to get out on stage, looking more fabulous than you ever have before, even though you're nowhere near ready and want to just hide backstage and give up performing forever. If that wasn't enough, you're going to have to make it look effortless.

Up for it?

The Sun and Moon- Right, so I already mentioned the square to Saturn, pulling at both of these two and demanding that they grow the hell up, putting a damper on the otherwise spirited mood. Okay, maybe "spirited" is pushing it, ill admit, but it is most certainly energetic as all hell. But the sword hanging over your head is meant to spur you forward and inspire you to do better, not to threaten you. Jupiter is not much help here however, at stationary Direct, not actually moving things forward or backward, but still causing a ruckus by his mere presence. Avoid anything that even remotely reeks of drama or could potentially become dramatic, unless of course you are in some kind of dramatic production, in which case expect chaos which gets handled and produces an amazing show. Uranus is not to be ignored, being both supercharged and the big ruler here, so he steals the show. Luckily, when you play by his rules he invigorates and recharges whatever he touches, cranking up your neurons and setting you aflame with all kind of new, crazy ideas. Because this is Insanity Astro, Pluto is also in the mix, so you can bet that there will be an edge in the air, kind of like snatching yourself back from the very brink, and spitting in life's face, daring it to do its worst while you grab your junk suggestively. This is actually exactly what its going to feel like, indicated by Chiron- either that or you will be attacked exactly where you are so very weak and you will be forced into surrender. Pallas Athene indicates that this is not exactly a moment where you just let it ride- You need a battle plan. If your 2013 Resolutions include fitness goals, now is the time to hit the Iron harder than ever, not time to give up on it and bitch out. Vesta confirms this, saying that if you have faith and stay dedicated, then you will be amazed at what you can achieve come Gemini Season (Hint- That's going to be a major time this year. Mark it down). A connection to Klotho tells you that the time is ripe for writing yourself a new chapter in your story. If there's something you want to do, then go out and freaking DO IT. If finances are an issue, make it a priority and save up for it. Just take steps to make it a reality. A trine to Hera confirms this, demanding that you make yourself a priority this year. It is time to grow into your own majesty, so start acting like Queen Bitch/ The Bastard King. An opposition to Askalaphus warns you to watch what you say, however. My advice would be to avoid saying anything and just put on a show for 'em!

Mercury- Now in Aquarius, the trickster is stronger than ever. Enjoy the boost now, because he's about to go Retrograde... In Pisces, of all signs. Which should be a cakewalk. But more on that when we have to deal with it. Today's focus starts out with a strong sextile to Saturn, so your mind is on serious matters, most likely regarding your place in the world and how to advance that place significantly this year. Well 2013 will be an almost unparalleled time to make those advancements possible. Plan now, put it into action after the Retrograde. A conjunction to Eros tells you to listen to where your attention goes; What you are passionate about might evolve into something more quite easily. A trine to Vesta and square to Deucalion confirm this, adding that you will need to stay dedicated to achieve what you want, and it will be an uphill battle. Another square, to Ceto, tells you that if you are made aware of an opportunity, you need to pounce on that shit immediately.

Venus- Venus may not be in the main drama this time, but holy hellfire does she have one hell of a side plot. Making her rounds in the outer rim, and securing alliances with the likes of Sedna, Eris, Varuna, Huya, Salacia, Haumea and Rhadamanthus, getting all of her ducks in a row for the rest of the year. With a connection to the Nodes, I am very interested in seeing how things turn out after this! While not the tamest skies for romance, the forecasts are certainly not dull where Our Girl is concerned! Of course, she is in Capricorn, so ignore her at your own peril. Of course, if you play by her rules, she gives you the best of the best.... Its not all sunshine and puppies, however. A square to Bienor indicates that what you want comes with a struggle to get it. You're going to have to fight dirty, and you'll have to decide whether its worth it or not. A sextile to Niobe warns against a tendency to overplay your scene and boast about your amazingness. Remember, there are no small parts. A square to Lachesis has you hard pressed to eliminate anything or start to remove negative influences from your life, but that time will come soon enough. A square to Atlantis confirms this, and suggests that you shouldn't push yourself just yet, but don't hesitate if something comes up either.

Mars- Almost out of Aquarius, Our Boy is lighting up the chart almost as well as Venus is, albeit in much different ways. All the Outer Planet connections are in effect for him, but the one I want to focus on is a square to Huya, which is exactly (and I mean down to the arcminute) conjunct to the North Node, but closely opposite to Sedna. That kind of configuration tends to highlight that you are feeling a lack of abundance and that it is your duty to yourself to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Whatever shape that may be, dont take anything off the table. Unconvential means may be the most effective for once. Another square, to Asbolus, confirms this and adds that you take this very seriously. This Lunation sets the stage for the rest of 2013, and with so much of it being water-heavy (and in the sign of the water-bearer no less!) security is tantamount. Do not put this off, you've done that for long enough now. A quincunx to Varuna highlights the need to make adjustments and to do it behind the scenes. This will not be easy. A sextile to Okyrhoe and Quaoar help here, indicating that you do have support, and you do have what it takes to create a new way forward for yourself. An opposition to Hekate confirms this, but indicates that you have some choices to make about which way to go (you're going to have to be a bit more specific than just "forward"). Hekate always stands with you at the crossraods to make the decision, but you will have to make it yourself, and walk the path that you choose. A square to Atropos confirms that, and challenges you to end what needs to be ended, with no drama. Accept what you had and allow it to go. A sextile to Hidalgo gives you the strength to stand up for what is important to you, and stands in the trenches with you as you fight for it. A conjunction to Icarus shows how you seek to be free of any and all limits placed upon you, provoking anger when you feel you are stifled. I would advise caution, however, as evidenced in the story of Icarus- Dont fly too high. This is confirmed by a sextile to Apollo and Phaethon, bringing both characters into play. In this case it seems that you should be able to ride the thermals instead of burning your wings. Settle for what you can handle, and try not to ride in any strange chariots if you can help it.

Jupiter- As we've said, the blowhard is Stationary Direct, set to start moving again shortly after the Full Moon, so take your deep breaths now. Prepare for it to hit, and in full force. If you're not ready when he comes, you will get taken down. Stay light and unecumbered by the bullshit. Helping you there (and forewarning the insanity that is about to go down) is a sextile to Uranus, basically ramping up Jupiter's crazy up to 11 and ripping the knob off. A square to Teharonhiawako is taxing your ability to rectify your place in the world as a functional contributor to society and as a creative individual in charge of their own life. Walk the middle ground (hint- It has to do with latent Self-Worth issues!). A sextile to Circe shows that you can make some magic happen if you stay dedicated and have a little faith in yourself. A trine to Hera confirms this, but demands that all of your choices be made to further your own ends and be on your terms. A trine to Nemesis may be an issue here; do not ride in like an avenging angel to try to win the day- rather sit back and let your minions do the work for you.

Saturn- Alright well the Grim Reaper turns retrograde next month, easing up on us a bit, and allowing us some breathing room. Til then, however, you do not skip Saturn, or whatever it is that hes trying to teach you (look at the house hes mucking through). Sextile to Pluto, old news, just keep doing whatever it is that you're doing. You know, soul-searing, demon-slaying, revolutionary reinvention. take no shit. A trine to Heracles helps here- You make it look easy. A conjunction to Persephone confirms this, saying that if you want the buried treasure then you have to dig real deep. A quincunx to Vesta doesnt make this any easier, as it challenges the very faith you have to keep going. Remember- The monsters under the bed always lie. This is also confirmed by a sextile to Eurydike and a conjunction to Siwa. A trine to Amor and a sextile to Aphrodite tell you that even though a romantic interest may start out light, there is a strong potential that it is more potent than you know.

Uranus- A conjunction to Pallas Athene is also old news, those two have been dancing around each other for months. Still, theyre quite potent together... Channel Hilary Clinton and crush your enemies while making them look dumb in the process. A quincunx to Orcus and a sextile to Altjira tell you... jeez, give me something new here!! Okay lets see, new... new.. Yeah I got nothing. Damn synodic cycles!

Neptune- Well, having FINALLY seperated from Chiron, we can actually start to treat them seperately, and deal with them head on. Well, Chiron anyway. Neptune can never be fought head on, you have to sidle up to him in the dead of night, looking fabulous in your assassins cloak (never mind that no one wears cloaks anymore, its all about the STYLE of the thing) while you ever so slightly slip something in his drink that will get him in 3 hours. Luckily, there are no real new influences here either, so moving on....

Pluto- So Chiron moves away from Neptune and ever closer to Pluto, demanding that you face those nasty secrets you thought were dead and buried in your psyche. Do it the first time around and it is LOADS easier, trust me. A conjunction to Echeclus indicates that there are issues coming stemming from the past, and that have carried into the future. A quincunx to Vesta challenges you to maintain your commitment to your duty and rediscover your purpose even though you face down some serious opposition and the fear can be crippling. This is lessened somewhat with a conjunction to Orpheus, letting you fake it til its real. A conjunction to Aphrodite and a sextile to Amor tells you that your desires are strong and if left unchecked will end up being more trouble for you than they are worth. A square to Magdalena balances this out, and gives a nice Madonna/Whore vibe to the proceedings. A trine to Achilles and a sextile to Heracles round us out, and raising us by our testicles to fight another round!

In closing, my friends; Always ask where she got the milk.

In Invicti
-The AstroGeek

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