Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grand Trine in Earth: The Great Work

I love this image. Its called the Tabula Smaragdina. To me, Its as close to putting reality in one frame as we can get. 

Super awesome Transit coming up guys, and it is going to be in the air for a while. Right now, Pluto is in Capricorn (as if you needed reminding), and is trining Jupiter in Taurus, exacerbating the whole situation. About to get added into the mix is Mars in Virgo, where he will be hanging out for the next EIGHT MONTHS!! So, there will be so much power in these earth signs, its ridiculous. Think of it like this, The Cardinal Crisis (Spring) was us starting the engine. Then we Tried again (Summer) and again (Fall). We made some headway, but we're sitll where we started for the most part, just a little smarter and a little bruised. Well, now its high time we actually got into gear and started moving.

Confused? Probably. Lets break it down.

Pluto in Capricorn- Here is our main fuel source. This was the impetus to change, and there is no avoiding it. With Pluto, he will win out and break your will if you resist. Accept what he has to offer, but on your terms, and he will respect you for it. This is no quick transit, this is going to last til 2024, so dont expect to get it perfect on the first try. But every time you fail, take a lesson away from it. This will change everything, in the end.

Mars in Virgo- Allright, last time we encountered this placement, Mars was riding to meet Saturn in the latter's seemingly never-ending station of Virgo. Well, now all that merde is going to dredged up again. Get it together NOW, and engage in hyper-clean living, going hard as you can in the workouts, eating right, and being as clear-headed and rational as possible.

Jupiter in Taurus- Jupiter magnifies anything it touches. Right now, hes trying to back out of Taurus and get back into Aries, but will stop just short of shirking his duty. There's no going back now, only onwards and upwards! Harness that momentum and dont stop until you get your reward. Just don't go too overboard, or steamroll anyone who could help you. Your network is key right now.

So we have pure, unabashed Power; vast unbridled energy; and naive faith and optimism sitting on top of a powder keg. What could possibly go wrong?

You may be wondering about the title of this post. Well let me tie it all together- It refers to alchemy, the science of self-discovery and transformation through the study of nature and life. And you thought it was just about gold...

Anyway, in alchemy, the key study was the Philosopher's Stone, a material that could heal your body, eliminate the need for food, confer wealth, lift your mind to new heights, and transform you into something far greater than a human being. The study of the making of the Stone was called the magnum opus, or The Great Work.

To acheive the ultimate goal of its creation, first you had to know how to transmute (change the world around you through changing yourself). But before you could transmute something, first you had to know what it was you were transmuting, in its entirety. You had to study it, know it, accept it as it is. Then you had to apply the same principles to yourself. Then, and only then, could you transmute the object; and in so doing, also change the world around you through changing yourself. Its all very Plutonian.

Once you learned transmutation, you gather you materials. Bring together the best ingredients that will combine well together to achieve the desired result. Burn away the impurities and distill them to their base natures. Transform them into a lighter form, removing more impurities. Bring back into a solid, a purer form, yet still not complete. Add something of yourself, set your intentions, and observe the experiment. This is key. Repeat. At this point, the stone should be complete. And using it, it is an extension of yourself, and the perfect tool to help create your reality.

Now this is not a instruction manual to the Creation of a Philosopher's Stone. There are billions of materials that claim to do that that you can peruse at your leisure. No, this is a lens on how to view an astronomical phenomenon, and a helpful analogy to put into perspective its effects on our lives.

And that, in a nutshell is what is happening during these insane times. We are the Great Work. We are being refined. 

Now what does this have to do with you, dear reader? Well, this is not over, and the process if long and arduous. But you can take it into your own hands. You are an ingredient, an integral part of the equation. You know what else you are? Conscious and totally in control of your own development. So walk into the fire, on your own terms.

A lesson here: another major alchemical symbol is the Phoenix. When it was time to be reborn, it would build a pyre for itself, and willingly go to the fire, burning away the old body. What would be left is an egg, containing the same bird in a brand new body. Same as the Stone. Same as us. When we walk into the fire ourselves, we are purified and reborn.

That's what Pluto is there for, the final lesson. The secret is it will only work if you believe it will. Otherwise the Stone is just a rock.


  1. Hey, i accidently found this site looking info on the upcoming Grand Earth Trine in March 2012, i think your writing is hella awesome and funny, luv the TNO Watch, keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you!!! Yeah that Grand Trine is going to be extremely potent as well! And stay tuned, I have another batch of TNOs coming up for you guys

    2. Cool! I love looking ahead for good configurations coming up... ever since I started looking at the inception dates of the biggest winners and losers sites on the net. Frightening to see it all in the chart. So, also use this time to set up that special business you wanted. Compart to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's Pluto-Jupiter aspects. You got Venus as well, with Mercury-Uranus trine Node and Moon if you want too. Also, you forgot to mention the crazy little thing called love. This is heaven as close to earth as it can come.(Starlove software will help with that :))

  2. I have a grand earth trine with these particular planets,Jupiter,Mars,Pluto--in the water houses.Just wondering what it might signify--