Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Moon in Aries: A Glorious Victory

Alright guys, are you ready for this? Are you? ARE YOU? I CANT HEAR YOU! GET PUMPED!! 

Ok, now that that's out of my system, lets talk about this Moon. Its going to be intense guys. Think the (2nd to) last hurrah of the Cardinal Crisis (anyone else sick of hearing that yet? no? Ok, its just me). This time, we are firmly in Saturn's territory, and by god it is a sprawling empire where everything just works. A veritable utopia. Now if only we could do something about those pesky barbarians at the gates calling themselves protesters, demanding equal rights, fair wages and such....

The Sun/Moon- I come bearing (mostly) good news! Well, the Sun is sitting in a conjunction to lush Haumea, trying to escape from the drudgery, if just for a day. Take some time for yourself, but dont run away from your problems, face them head on. Conjunct the Moon, on the other hand, is Bienor, ramping up the emotional intensity and the drive to push one's boundaries. A sextile/trine to Cupido leaves you stung by Cupid's Arrow: Love and harmony are definitely on the brain. A trine/sextile to Sappho further acknowledges this, adding that you want to surround yourself with those of like mind and heart. A sextile/trine to Siwa shows that the time of stumbling around in the dark is over. Prepare for illumination, and some definite insight, if not answers. Also, this is a fantastic time to break down and tackle any nagging problems that have, so far, been insurmountable. A sextile/trine to Industria helps you in that regard, while you may want to escape your obligations, It should be pretty easy to keep pressing on, and actually accomplish a lot! A square to Dionysius does not help anything however; avoid overindulging. Last but not least, A trine/sextile to Damocles indicates that the danger that was hanging over your head last cycle has eased, and while you're not out of the woods yet, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief (quick, while Saturn isn't looking!).  

Mercury- Mercury starts out with a trine to Neptune, muddling your thoughts a bit, but helping you get closer to that elusive insight you're hurting for right now. An opposition to (in my humble opinion) the coolest object ever, (not to mention one that gets almost no recognition) 1992 QB1, highlights the disconnect between what you are expressing in your life and your basic morality and what is "right". Seriously, watch this one; Its a major theme of this season. What you say, and how you said it WILL come back to you (not necessarily a bad thing. Stay in tune with who you are, and defend it). A conjunction to Apollon indicates the awesome potential for creative pursuits. A square to Vulkanus can leave you slightly perfectionistic about the quality of the work (you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to edit this post), but dont get too caught up in that. Another square, to Pallas, can leave you guessing as to what the best choices to make could be.  A sextile to Hebe can leave you feeling as though you are playing second fiddle in your life, bust out and make a new paradigm. A conjunction to Photographica urges you to focus on the details of the situation. Another conjunction, to Atlantis warns about misusing your abilities and not getting too big for your britches.

Venus- Our girl has shot into Scorpio, donning stilettos and enough mascara to put Liz Taylor to shame. Deep work is the name of the game this time, nothing less will do. A sextile to Crantor helps you put those Zombie relationships to end, quickly and coldly, like a surgical strike (and not a moment too soon, either!). Another sextile to Orcus reminds you to watch what you say, and not to go back on your word, or it will not go well for you (I'm talking to you, Gemini!). A Trine to Hekate takes you to the crossroads, and asks you to choose which direction you want to take in your life. A Square to Persephone can leave you feeling as though you are trapped in the Underworld, waiting on someone to rescue you. Look around and save yourself! Further encouraging the self-reliant savior vibe is a sextile to Icarus; Take flight!

Mars- Our boy is still soaking up the rays in Leo, playing out his rock star fantasy. He's relatively quiet this time, only aspects to speak of are a sextile to Zeus, ramping up his ego and show-offy style; and a trine to Lilith, who is dead set on being nothing but trouble. Enjoy.

Jupiter- Whew buddy. The big ol' windbag is got a lot on his plate right now. Retrograde in Taurus, the poor guy just wants to be left alone to watch his soaps, but noooo, there’s always some urgent matter that only he can solve. Its not easy being king, i suppose. Starting out with a dramatic sextile to Cyllarus, we find ourselves caught up in the relationship issues we've been dealing with for a while, coming to a head. Be careful not to get carried away in your feelings of self-importance or you will find yourself a target. Detach! Another sextile, to Kronos, helps you get back to the important work that you have been avoiding/putting off. Seriously, no more mucking around, just get it done. A square to Vesta can leave you seriously drained, and in need of rest. Take time for yourself, but don’t let yourself become despondent. A sextile to Eurydike can leave you feeling like the situation is out of your control, but that is only if you let it. Be the master of your life! A trine to Siva can have those around you asking for a lot, but i promise that you can handle it.

Saturn- The King of the Titans is in his element right now. A trine to Nessus shows us that not all is as it seems, watch yourself. Another trine, this time to Thereus, can leave you waiting for the right moment to strike. Don’t miss out, though. A conjunction to Rhadhamanthus helps you there, judging the most opportune moment. Be careful not to be too rigid though, or you might miss a minor detail, like trampling over someone who really wants to help you.

Uranus- The sideways punchline is still acting like a prima donna, refusing to work with anyone until all (his?) needs are met (yes, a full scale replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in white chocolate. GO!). A trine to Chariklo brings some much needed compassion to the table, reminding us that we’re not all that different, and we’re all stuck here together. A square to Hades reminds you of your duty, even when you want to take to the streets and change the world. Another square, this time to Hekate, reminds you that once you stop letting your fear rule you, and shout out loud what you actually want out of life, you get it. Not a moment before. Yet another square, to Eros, reignites those fires of passion that you keep trying to squelch. Don’t deny your human needs and desires. The last square, to Sphinx, tells us that the mystery is not ready to be unraveled, but that doesn’t mean you should stop digging. A trine to Sisyphus can leave the whole effort feeling like an uphill battle, but maybe, just maybe this is the time when the boulder doesn’t fall back down. A sextile to Hephaistos has your mind in full-on work mode, having no time for anything else. A trine to Burney, named after the little girl who named Pluto, can provide that stroke of genius that helps to bring in something brand new to share with everyone. Finally, a sextile to everyone’s favorite trickster, Hermes, indicates how brilliant you can be RIGHT NOW, and not have to answer to anyone for it.  

Neptune- A trine to Apollon can leave you positively inspired right now, take the time to do some creative work. An opposition to Hebe can reinforce those feelings of being put upon, and performing your duty when you really want to do something more in tune with who you are. If it feels right, do it! Its always easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission. Another opposition, to Arachne, can highlight an area of your life where you believe you are better than everyone, even the Gods! Now, this may well be true, but stay humble. Now's not the time to brag and boast, unless you're particularly fond of starting over and building from the ground up. A square to Orpheus can also be a factor here, stay in tune with who you are, and above all else, DO NOT LIE or obfuscate the truth in any way, shape or form right now, especially not to please someone else. Stay 100% above board here, and you will be fine.

Pluto- Not much to say here, everyone's favorite dwarf seems to be hanging back, letting us do this to ourselves. A sextile to Teharonhiawako can bring you up against those who are jealous of what you have made for yourself, and might try to sabotage it. A square to Aphrodite can definitely stoke your passion, try to channel that passion into other areas of your life that are starting to feel a little stagnant, and watch the awesome happen.

Alright guys, that's all i have for you right now. Now, if you dont mind, im going to go enjoy the fantastic day outside, and stop thinking about the stars for a bit. Til next time!

                                                                                                 -The AstroGeek
P.S.- Go buy a consult, you're putting me through school!

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