Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chiron Direct: Taking Your Medicine

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen (thats right, you get a one time reprieve after that ghastly Eclipse) we made it through that particular batch of Insanity Astro with flying colors! Well, most of us, anyway... (i'm looking at you, Petraeus!) So now its time to move on to the next round.

After that Eclipse, you should be reeling from all the major psych-insights and oh-my-god moments that came up in its wake. Before you have a chance to process them, we have to deal with Chiron again. And this is the best possible scenario we could ask for. Ill tell you why.

Chiron is a very peculiar kind-of planet. Most people have no idea it even exists. Its in a very interesting part of space, between Saturn and Uranus. It gets pulled back and forth between the two all the time, sometimes changing its orbit completely! Astronomers are divided on whether it is a captured comet, a failed protoplanet, or a moon of one of the two planets that got ejected but didnt go very far; So they threw their hands up and called it a fluke (Kind of like what happened to Ceres and Eris). This worked for all of two minutes until they started finding more and more objects similar to it, eventually calling them the "Centuar Planets". Alright cool, that works. Now whats going on with them?

Well ill spare you the grand tour of the Centuar system right now, but we can take a peek at Chiron. I usually avoid doing this because whenever you deal with him, things get a little wonky and a whole lot cosmic. A big part of what he does ties into the idea of wholeness. Take his position in space- Between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron has two mediate between these two Titans, who couldn't be more different. One is all about the time-tested and true, the other is about the revolutionary and new; One strives for personal excellence, the other for equality and social justice. The crucial part here is that these ideas are not necessarily at odds with each other, and do not have to get in each others way- That's where Chiron comes in. He makes them stop, take a step back and breathe, and realize they both want the same thing, more or less.

He does the same thing in your chart. Wherever Chiron is placed, and whatever he touches, he helps bring it together- whether that goes well or poorly depends on the aspects and planets involved. Its a process, and its never quite over. Theres always tweaking, refining, and chucking it all out the window to start from scratch. Its what we call life.

Anyway, coming back to the present, its now up to you to take those realizations and insights you got from this eclipse and actually integrate them into your life. Make them your new mantras. No looking back guys.

And So We Go
-The AstroGeek

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