Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act VII: Venus in Scorpio- Scratching the Itch

(Universe, I swear to whatever God who's listening this week that if I ever find out who is in charge around here, Im kicking them square in the nuts. Expect me.)

Holy hellfire, Hellraisers- This shit is electric!! Or to be more accurate, chthonic, but since very few of you will know what that means (much less know how to pronounce it), electric will do just fine for our purposes here. Right then- Venus. First, read this. Then settle in, because this shit is about to get more fierce than a tiger with a stick of dynamite shoved up its arse.

Guys, its time to get over your shit and get the hell on. Seriously- there really is no other way to pull this off right, but a million ways to do it wrong. First, Chiron Direct made you uncomfortable, because something was wrong but you weren't sure what it was. Then Mars in Capricorn told you to ignore that shit because you've got shit that needs doing. All the while Saturn in Scorpio was patiently waiting for you to to take care of your shit on your own, but since THAT didnt happen, now he's working with Venus and to throw your shit in your face and MAKE you deal with it. If that wasnt enough, Mercury is in on it too, stopping any and all progress until this shit gets dealt with.

This should not be easy. In fact, if you are getting illusion-shattering, Oh-my-god type realizations that just totally crush you and leave you frothing at the mouth, shaking with rage then you are doing this right. I know, I know- Just trust me on this. These rage-inducing realizations will have massive implications on ow you handle your immediate future- Count on it. This should end up leavig you empowered, dont get stuck in the bullshit. Keep going. Writing yourself a brand new set of rules for this is so awesome, its crazy.

What you do not do is start binge drinking and slutting around with any random that shows the slightest interest in you. Right now we're all pretty raw, especially with Neptune mucking about, and that is the last thing you need to be doing. No, we need to go undergound for a while.

Til then, do whatever you need to in order to survive. Stay in motion guys.
-The AstroGeek

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