Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mars in Capricorn: Lonely at the Top

Well Hellraisers, its time to get moving again. Im sure you already knew that though. Whenever Mars changes signs, you can feel it in the air. Ive beasted out three posts tonight alone! And this isnt any old sign, no siree- This is Capricorn! And that is important, guys. You see, Mars in Cap is kind of special. Of course, Mars always thinks he's special. Ya see, traditionally, Mars in Cap is referred to as Exalted. And Cap loves tradition oh so much. This also goes into the fact that technically we are in a state of a double mutual reception, as Mars used to (and still technically is) the ruler of Scorpio, making all three of them nothing but stronger. Joy.

Now this has got me thinking (not for the first time) about the very idea of traditional rulership and exaltation, an idea I never could quite wrap my head around, yet I couldnt deny that it worked quite well. So it gnawed away at me, an unanswered challenge. Today, I had an insight- Maybe it only works if we look at it from the signs point of view.

Hear me out- I have two planets in exaltation- Jupiter and the Moon (a potent combo, which just so happen to be exactly sextile as well); Now Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, something I always thought an arbitrary countermeasure to Saturns Dignity in Capricorn (going back to the myth of Zeus and Cronus), but I was thinking- Maybe the planet has something that the sign needs. For instance, Cancer tends to create a safe, sheltered nest/womb for its loved ones. Jupiter doesnt- He is all about broadening horizons, growing, and moving up and out. At first glance these two dont work out so hot, but if you consider that the shadow of Cancer tends to come in smothering and refusing to let your loved ones leave the nest, then it makes more sense. The Moon tells Taurus to go deeper and experience more, Saturn helps Libra maintain the balance and not get stuck in ambivalence, Mercury helps Aquarius make connections that it normally wouldn't see and so on.

Now how does that carry over into Mars in Capricorn? Well, lets talk about Capricorn for a sec. Capricorn has so many schemes and ideas, and knows exactly where they want to go in life (at least after their Saturn Return they do). The hard part for them is putting them into action. This is not to say that Cap is lazy (try it, you're bound to get hit)- quite the opposite actually. The problem is that Cap gets so burnt out, so easily, and they refuse to acknowledge it. Enter Mars, planet of Energy. The two are a match made in hell. Mars kicks the already workaholic Cap into overdrive, and the rest of us just have to get out of the way before we get steamrolled! Adding into that, in the very oldest stories of Mars (we're talking deep deep time here) he was revered as the god of the harvest. This is also true of Saturn, ruler of Cap.

So, how do you rock this out? Cake. Get your goal. Plot your course. Drop your shoulders and just plow through anything in your way. Crush all opposition. Be back in time for tea.

Are you man enough, soldier?
-The AstroGeek 

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