Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Solstice/ Easter/ Aries- Hurdles

Hellraisers, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all back to ARIES SEASON! We're so happy you could all make it, and while we're on the subject, let me wish you a Happy New Year for what is at least the 17th time this year, further proving the absolute insanity of the Calendar. Anyway, y'all may have noticed that Astro has been conspicuously absent from his own site, and as such you all are the ones to suffer. For that, im genuinely sorry. This Pisces trek was not an easy one for Astro, but since its now Aries, none of that matters and shall not be discussed again.

So to discuss Pisces, as we bid it a not-so-fond farewell, we're all going to do an exercise- I want you to take a minute and close your eyes. Shut up, you can take A MINUTE. Good. Now im hoping you read this whole thing in advance, or itll get awkward as you look up from your exercise all the time- defeats the purpose. Since you did read ahead however, you know that next I want you to just stop. This is hard. Stop everything, stop listening, stop all thought, stop doing anything. Just turn off for a second. Two. Three. Breathe. I want you to think about 2012. What mistakes did you make? Why are you still torturing yourself for them? Think about it, and then I want you to forgive yourself. Say it out loud if it helps. I forgive myself for _________. Sure, it might not work the first time, but its a start. Repeat til it sticks.

So, Aries!! Time to go out, be bloody bold, and resolute, as you take what you want, compete in the grand game that is our lives, and furthermore WIN!! Of course, itd be boring if it was just a straight shot to the finish line, so life in all of her bitchiness has designed several traps and tricks coming up here to trip you up. Not to worry though, im here to make sure you avoid them all and coach you through to the end.

First up- The planets were all lined up for a trick shot in Pisces, and now they're all shifting into Aries, and let me tell you, its a whole different ball game there. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is already here, and hes been ACTIVE. If you havent felt it, you're probably so underground that you're in a cave, and then who will see you in all of your elitist glory? Anyway, these guys are all shuffling into Aries, and once they do, they have to run the Uranus gauntlet. On the other side of him lies Pallas Athene, and you bet your ass you better have a battle plan ready for her, otherwise she'll just straight-up eviscerate you.

Now there is one of these I feel duty-bound to mention- Later on (2 weeks-ish) this season, we have a very special configuration in the sky: Mars is moving to conjoin Venus! I love this conjunction, Its one of my favorites. The lovers meet, and for a time, all is right with the world again. Or not, it really all depends. In Aries? No matter what else, you can bet your ass there will be fireworks! But more on that when we get there.

Also we're now into Starzina's birthday season, so go over and pay the gal a visit, wont you? Its hard on her, gearing up to turn the big 2-7! I know it would mean the world if you go over and check out the page, share the videos with everyone you know, and maybe put in a word over with your cousin who's a producer out in L.A. (and actually, do your pal Astro a solid on that one too!)

Til we meet again guys!!
-The AstroGeek

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