Thursday, March 21, 2013

Venus in Aries- G.I. Jane

Not even a day into Aries and we already have to deal with Venus. Girl is on fire right now, figuratively speaking. As she moves into Aries (Gearing up for my personal Venus Return!) get your ass ready to go conquer the world. That's right guys, i'm officially giving you my blessing to quit the skullduggery and innuendo (not that you needed it, or are inclined to care at the moment!), and start putting all those schemes and plots into action! Besides, Aries is a god-awful time to try to get away with any bullshit, its nigh-impossible.

So how to use this she-devil, Hell-on-high-heels energy? Of course it all depends on your chart, but as a general rule; Go for the simple yet audacious, don't back down or shy away from anything you want, strip away any guile or deception, conquer on the battlefield, and when all else fails- just ask for what you want! You might be surprised.

Don't get too bogged down by admin crap and the little things- Find someone you trust to help you work out the details, trust me. And try not to overdo it, nothing is worse than Aries energy that gets out of control, except maybe Aries with no challenges or outlet! And no, there arent enough hours in the day.

This is exactly what the Doctor ordered though (hehehe!) and will help you get out of your current slump/ ennui/ doldrums. Channel it correctly, push yourself, keep climbing, and  you'll shock both yourself and all those around you. Seriously. Aries thats applied and directed is pure dead magic. The best part? Its magic that comes from you- All you need to do is put in the sweat equity!

Oh and of course, we're gearing up for the Mars/Venus conjunction, so watch out for that.

To the Victor go the spoils!
-The AstroGeel 

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