Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Moon in Capricorn- The Longest Night

New day, New beginnings.

The Sun/Moon- Freshly into Capricorn, and hot off the Solstice, the focus is on what is REAL; nothing less will do. A sextile to Chiron has your wounds exposed. While this is painful at first, it is what is needed to heal them once and for all. A sextile to Vesta has you wanting to take time out of the spotlight and focus on inner work. An opposition to Hera puts the srtain on your relationships, and if a new flame isnt really as awesome as you thought at first, it might be best to cut your losses and try somewhere else rather than sit and hope naively. A sextile to Apophis indicates that there is a lot that is in flux at the moment, and you may feel as though you dont have solid ground below you. Tap into that, and direct the change towards what is dated and old.

Mercury- Mercury is still in shadow, so watch yourself til New Year's. If there is anything that has been skimmed over or not integrated yet, you will be forced to deal with that. A trine to Persephone further indicates this, and has you searching for the buried treasure among the muck. A square to Elatus your spirits less than high, but realistic and focused on matters at hand. A trine to Pelion has you wanting to remove yourself from mundane drudgery and wanting to go above and beyond your normal patterns, so break out of the everyday and do something awesome! This is further expressed in a sextile to Magdalena. A conjunction to Ophelia highlights the enhanced proprensity for drama. Get over yourself, and stay low key. A sextile to Amor shows that you are feeling very lovey-dovey, and this would be an excellent time to express your desires. Finally, a sexxtile to Memoria has you rehashing your old mistakes and trying to find the reasons why things went the way they did. Do not get caught up in the same trap, and DO NOT bring your baggage back to the table this time, leave it in the dust behind you.

Venus- Venus is in Aqua, looking awesome. A trine to Altjira shows that the best way to play the romance situation is to stay very cool, and when in doubt, remove yourself from the situation. A conjunction to Siva is fantastic for the destruction of old crap and moving on to the awesome. A square to Requiem tells you to keep pushing on, regardless of if something doesn't work out. Dont linger around in self-pity, brush it off and find something new. A square to Karma highlights the need to take a new path when it comes to your relationships; you may find yourself attracted to those who are completely different from your usual type! Finally, a conjunction to Child shows a certain naivete and optimism in matters of the heart. Remember to keep your head and stay just a little skeptical.

Mars- Mars is in square to Pholus, so taking small steps towards your goals will lead to big results sooner than you think; harness your momentum. With this however, small problems can easily become major issues if not dealt with quickly and effectively. A square to Hylonome could indicate your partner feeling as though you are stepping on their toes, or vice versa. A square to Ixion asks you to examine your actions and how they have brought you to this point. In doing so, your next steps should become clear. A conjunction to Psyche highlights an almost desperate desire to love and be loved. Another conjunction, to Arachne, shows that you must be very clear about your intentions and desires, or risk losing something great in a web of fear and half-truths told because of pride. Yet another conjunction, to Apollo, shows that right now is an excellent time for shameless self-promotion, so put yourself out there! You'll be amazed at the results!

Jupiter- Freshly direct, as of this morning, papa Jupiter brings a much-needed last minute boost in just about everything. An opposition to Aphrodite has you focused (yet again) on love and positivity. A sextile to Hades has you going deep to expose the root of the situation you find yourself in, and taking drastic action to change it to your liking. A sextile to Eurydike further expresses this. If you find yourself in Hell, keep going and dont look back.

Saturn- The ruler of Capricorn is sitting pretty at the end of Libra, and is very active this lunation. Right off the bat we have a close trine to Neptune, helping to make your dreams a reality. A square to Vulkanus shows us that this is not going to be accomplished without some serious blood, sweat and tears though. A conjunction to Apollon is seriously auspicious for any kind of creative work you decide to do. A sextile to Siwa helps you break down all the old patterns that you have outgrown and create something new. A square to Achilles shows that this is the moment where it all becomes worthwhile, and your hard work finally pays off. A sextile to Icarus further expresses this, and helps you bust free of anything that tries to keep you bound and restricted.

Uranus- A square to Hades helps you shock yourself awake, and provides the necessary impetus for your continued growth. Another square, to Eurydike, helps you emancipate yourself from any lingering drama. Remember, when the tears start, you should already be gone. A trine to Atlantis helps you visualize the absolute best possible outcome in your situation, and aids you in making that a reality.

Neptune- Neptune is bearing down on Pisces in force, and is so done with Aqua at this point its not even funny. Now here's the deal- til February, all things Neptunian are going off, as Neptune rehashes and reintegrates everything that we have learned and done since 1998. A trine to Apollon has your muse working overtime, inspiring you to create in was you never dreamed. A sextile to Icarus lets you soar, if only in your mind. Finally, the danger here is highlighted by a square to Bacchus- Have fun during the holiday season, but stay in control.

Pluto- Last, but only least once- Pluto is relatively quiet as we wait for the contact with the Sun later this week. An opposition to Cyllarus has you making stipid decisions in love. Get a sounding board to help you avoid problems. A square to Typhon will bring up anything that you have not dealt with and force the issue. Make it the last time it rears its head. A conjunction to Crantor shows that you are still in the crosshairs because of your choices. Invest in Kevlar. An opposition to Kronos shows that you will need to make some hard choices and take bold action if you want to see results. Finally, A square to Pandora tells us that your life is about to be shaken up, so keep your head.

That does it for me folks! Til next time, stay cool and keep your head, even in the midst of chaos!

                                                                                             Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
                                                                                             -The AstroGeek

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