Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Full Moon in Gemini/ Lunar Eclipse- Full Disclosure

Ok guys, I am literally writing this right before the eclipse is exact. This is what I get for procrastinating when there is an eclipse in my sign. Syncing to cosmic rhythms, check. Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey universal conciousness mode engaged. Ridiculousness factor? Absolutely.

With absolutely no time for further ado, The Astro!

The Sun/Moon- There is a conjunction/opposition to Hylonome, so right out of the gate you feel as though you cant go on, and you just want your suffering to end. Identify the area of your life where you are suffering, and bring it to a resolution, RIGHT NOW. There is no time to waste. Right now, things seem pretty freaking bleak, but there is so much awesome in the air at the moment, all you have to do is tap into it. An opposition/conjunction to Thereus has you charged up with primal rage, wanting to unleash it on the first person who does you wrong. Remember to keep your true enemies in mind. A conjunction/opposition to Ixion has you brooding on your past mistakes instead of manifesting your future, which sets you up to lose everything that you gained. A square to Astraea has you running from your problems instead of facing them, head on. Another square, to Psyche, strains your intimate relationships and asks you to re-evaluate your commitments. Anything that is past its time, get rid of it. You don't have any room for it anymore. A sextile to Kassandra warns that you could find yourself in a position where pointing out the dangers in someone else's life and situation will do you no good, because it will fall on deaf ears. Trust me, walk away and don't go down with them. A sextile/trine to Lachesis indicates that your time to make changes and set your course is almost up, if you don't move quickly, your choices will be made for you. A trine/sextile to Burney lends itself to your intuition, it is a great time to go deep inside yourself and ask "What do I really want at this stage in my life? What is my next move?" A sextile/trine to Damocles works in your favor for once, allowing you to wield the sword and cut away from toxic situations once and for all. Don't hesitate.

Mercury- A conjunction to Okyrhoe has you watching your tounge, as well you should, because the Retrograde is still in high gear. One wrong word, and you could lose everything. Stay in control. A square to Teharonhiawako could have you questioning whether or not to pursue the path that you set during the last eclipse. Stay focused, and hold off on taking major action until the retrograde is over. Til then, watch, wait and listen. A square to Orcus holds you fast to your word, so make sure you can deliver on it. An opposition to Altjira has you struggling to extricate yourself from a situation you caused, but if you keep your cool and draw your boundaries, you will escape intact. A sextile to Pandora will shake things up with a secret revealed, but for the better. A conjunction to Ophelia (jeez, what is with this literary characters? Oh wait, its Gemini, that's right.) could have you rehashing your disapointments in love, but remember- you took those chances for a reason. Dont let your past mistakes hold you back today, move forward with chutzpah and without fear, while remembering the lessons and hurts.

Venus- Our girl is rocking it right now. A square to Bienor indicates that anything you start now is likely to only be a fleeting dream, but if you hold on and plan for the long term, then you are in a much better position. A trine to Astraea has you at your best, and you are more than willing to wait for life to deliver the best to you. A trine to Psyche helps you overcome the greatest challenges in your situation; no matter what, do not give in- And dont be afraid to ask for help. A trine to Arachne highlights a tendency to be a bit too smug, watch what you say, and if you wind up with egg on your face and you have a way to bow out and save face, take it! A trine to Apollo is brilliant for any type of artistic expression you engage in, dont waste the opportunity! A sextile to Bacchus shows that all you want to do right now is party, remember to get the bills paid on time. A trine to Hephaistos shows that wherever you put your time and effort into right now is where you will see results.

Mars- Our boy has a lot on his plate. First up: A square to Amycus may lead you to forget the way people should be treated, and make no mistake, if your anger gets the best of you, it will not go unnoticed. A square to Chaos shows that you are in control of this situation, and how it unfolds is up to you and the choices that you make. Make them count. A square to Memoria reminds you of how far you've come, taking you back to some places that may be less than pleasant. It's a test, dont forget all your lessons. A trine to Tantalus shows that you may be trying to grab something that will always be out of reach, a fools quest. A trine to Panacea lends some much-needed relief to the situation at hand. Remember that it isnt over yet, however. A sextile to Dionysius helps you rise like a phoenix out of the fire, if you keep your eyes fixed straight on your goals.

Jupiter- Papa Jupiter is back in force, and is not in any mood to be messed with. A sextile to Chiron is so brill for cutting through the crap and getting to the root of the issue. You have to accept it before you can change it. A sextile to Hades also highlights this, as does an opposition to Osiris. An opposition to Requiem tells you that you are a long way from finished, but the end goal is in sight. Finally, an opposition to Hopi has you looking to more holistic and simple ways of living. Decluttering and sustainability are key.

Saturn- An opposition to 1992 QB1 has you pondering your mortality and your mark on the world. Dont worry about your history, just focus on your future. A square to Vulkanus saps your energy away from anything that feels like work. A trine to Vesta keeps you on point though. A trine to Hekate reminds you that this is your path alone, and you are in control of where you go. A sextile to Siwa is great for clearing away the crap of anything outdated or past its prime. Finally, a conjunction to Aphrodite has you chasing what is beautiful, fun and brings you happiness. Dont hesitate.

Uranus- Well look who just went direct! Its time to start moving forward again. This is big guys, as it happened literally hours before the eclipse. He's squaring Hades, challenging you to dig deep and make serious changes, NOW. There's no time for drama or emo attachment, Let it go or it will drag you down. An opposition to Minerva can lead you to make some passionate choices. Make sure you keep your greater strategy in mind. A trine to Photographica lends some much needed instant clarity to the situation at hand. Trust your judgement.

Neptune- A trine to Apollon has you inspired, put some time into exploring your artistic side. A trine to Hekate helps you realize that you do not walk your path alone, you have those who will help you if you only ask. An opposition to Siwa brings you back to reality, and helps you stay on target to deal with your problems.

Pluto- Last but not least, the Lord of Hell is definitely putting us through the wringer guys. That's actually a good thing, because they are in a position where they need to pull out all of the stops to win; and that means we win, we just have to outlast them. An opposition to Cyllarus has you downplaying an issue that might just prove to be your undoing. Tread lightly. A conjunction to Crantor shows that you are still in the crosshairs because of your choices. Invest in Kevlar. A square to Typhon will bring up anything that you have not dealt with and force the issue. Make it the last time it rears its head. An opposition to Kronos shows that the way out is to go deep and Know Thyself. A conjunction to Niobe challenges you to stay humble. Rise above the urge to gloat. A sextile to Diana reminds you that the path to glory is not for those that seek it, but rather those that perform their duty to the best of their ability. A trine to Industria confirms this as well. An opposition to Hera brings up old patterns of jealousy and Power games, stay in Zen mode, and do not fall into the low expression. Finally, a sextile to Ascelpius helps you to diagnose the cause of the dis-ease that you are facing. Heed your own intuition and do what is necessary to cure yourself.

Alright guys, that does it for me, Stay awesome and wear lots of red.

                                                                                 -The AstroGeek

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