Monday, March 12, 2012

Mercury Retrograde in Aries- The Loony Bin

Alright guys, here we go again: Mercury Retrograde! Get stoqued  (YaaAAAyy!!), because it is going to be off the hook. Forgive me if I ramble a bit, but this is muy importante!

The scene is set in Aries, on some bloodstained battlefield, with some generic dragon overhead. Cue our hero (aka you) armed with your wits and some quasi-mystical sword of sketchy origin. Cue dragon bellowing fire above your head. Cue you dropping your sword and getting the f&@! outta dodge.

Heroes: They just dont make them like they used to...

Anyway, here's the deal. Mercury is in Retro, and so is Mars (well, so is Saturn, but we'll get to him). Mercury is transiting a sign ruled by Mars, and Mars is transiting one ruled by Mercury. This is called mutual reception, and it ramps up the intensity of this retrograde, adding fuel to the fire of the doomsdayers who show up everytime Merc does this. Tip: he does this three times a year, and so far we've managed to get through every single one without fail. And it keeps us Astro-Twerps in business, so just go with it.

There is an escape clause however....

The very aspects that make it so intense are your way out in this case. Now you know how you always hear tons of crap about Merc Retro and avoid taking any action/making any decisions during this time? Well throw all that out the window, because we're about to get downright dangerous. Think of Mercury as the Gladius that cuts through all of Mars current crap, and Mars as the caution whispered into impetuous Mercury's ear. The two work together to ensure success this time around, with Saturn providing just enough of each to keep the balance for maximum effect.

Cool, no? I havent even got to the best part yet!

During this period, we're going to see the resugence of the Grand Earth Trine, but with a brand new twist- Miss Thang (aka Venus) is now in the mix, in a sexy conjunction to Jupiter, and these two will be dancing partners for some time now, culminating in the epic Transit of the Sun on 6/4 (spoilers!), but we'll talk about that in its proper time.

So you have bold action and energetic vigour, combined with Hyper-aware mindfulness bordering on psychopathic obsessive-compulsion to not f%^! up no matter what, add in your insane Pollyanna optimism and winning grin, while chucking everything that doesn't work out the window and shedding your old skin, fast and furious ALL WHILE making it look like its the easiest thing there is, like you don't have a care in the world (even though inside you're one step away from madness, trying to keep all your balls in the air)

Look, this is pure dead magic if you work it right. Its daunting, yes, but we all have our dragons, right? If you face them now, you get the princess (or prince) and half the kingdom after.

Worth it?   

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