Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon in Taurus- The Nuclear Option

Alright guys, we made it through the first wave of the undead issues. Ready for Round 2? Because you're going to have to dig deep, and go hard to get rid of them once and for all. This is the endgame. You've been through hell, and you are now standing at the gates; Your reward is in sight. Are you ready to finish this?

Sun/Moon- Alright, Sun in Scorp, Moon in Taurus. Chaos is all around, and you are going to need to rise to the occasion and change, fast and furious style, even though all you want to do is sit at home and watch TV. No emo and no drama allowed or you will not make it. Super awesome potential here, but you have to go down and tap into it; which is easier said than done. Sun is conjunct Huya, so making money is a major focus right now. A trine/sextile to Dionysius indicates the desire to shirk your responsibilities and just go and have fun, but there are deeper issues here that may be activated and rehashed if you chose to take that path. A sextile/trine to Child shows that right now, you may not be presenting your most mature face right now, or you may be on the recieving end of this. The big aspect is a square to Damocles, which highlights the sword hanging over your head, watch for out for flowery words, it is nothing but smoke.

Mercury/Venus- These two are joined at the hip at the moment, so we are going to take them as a pair. A square to Elatus makes it hard to stay positive, but it is worth the effort right now. Put on a brave face and keep going. A trine to Pelion has you focused on self-mastery. Keep working on it, it will pay off, very soon in fact. A square to Psyche strains your relationships. If tensions rise, it may be more beneficial to withdraw than to engage in the conflict. A trine to Circe reminds you that you are in charge of manifesting your reality, quit the whining and make it happen already! A sextile to Kassandra indicates that good counsel will fall on deaf ears, dont waste your energy. A sextile to Lachesis indicates that something is coming to an end, dont cling to a sinking ship. A trine to Persephone can leave you feeling removed from the current situation, and feeling as though events are out of your control. Theyre not, own the situation and take control. A square to Apollo is brilliant for putting your energies into creative pursuits, if you can find the time. A sextile to Ascelpius highlights the need to take care of your health first and foremost. Rest, eat right and stay on track.

Mars- Our boy is almost done in Leo, getting ready to roll into Virgo, where he wil be camped out for the next nine freaking months. Enjoy. Personally, I am pumped, because this is one of my favorite transits, and in the Grand Trine being set up... Whew boy, we are in for a ride. Lets call this the return to sanity, after the insanity that has been par for the course lately. An opposition to Chiron makes it very hard to keep your health on track, dont skip your workouts, and take your vitamins. A square to Okyrhoe can lead you to some startling revelations. If you are entrusted with some sensitive information, however, do not reveal it or there may be serious reprecussions! Lastly, a conjunction to Industria bodes well for all of your efforts at the moment; Capitalize on your momentum.

Jupiter- Papa Jup is playing his part setting up the events to come, and reigning in the awesome if you are willing to put in the work. A trine to Sisyphus can leave you feeling as though your efforts are not getting you anywhere, but its all in your head. Keep going. With a trine to Orcus, make sure you keep your word when you give it, or it will come back to bite you. A square to Pallas has your mind firing at full blast, trying to find the most prudent strategy for your situation.

Saturn- Saturn is tired of your shit. Now its about to get real. A square to Varuna shows that your reputation is on the line, so watch yourself. Outside forces may come into play, but since you cannot control that, control your reaction to the situation. A sextile to Niobe tells you to count your blessings, silently if at all possible, so as not to sound boastful. A sextile to Siwa shows that you need to take control of your situation. Nut up or Shut up. A square to Eros lends some much needed life to your love life, but things may not be all that the appear. Be careful.

Uranus- Uranus is a big player in this Lunation. Use him to help you detach from the situation and get some perspective, minus the emo drama. A square to Hades helps you in this, helping you to go deep and purge what needs to go. Dont hold onto it, just let go. A trine to Okyrhoe lends spectacular insight, you have great vision right now. Trust your instincts. A square to Panacea highlights your need to take time for yourself and your health.

Neptune- A trine to Apollon shows that even though you are putting on a brave face, actions that you may be forced to take may not be well recieved. Another opposition, to Industria, shows that your efforts may not be completely ideal, but they are still worth the time. A square to Heracles is sapping your strength, but keep going. Use Mars' vitality instead.

Pluto- Ah, the man of the hour! Starting out, there is a conjunction to Crantor. This may indicate that you are engaging in ego dramas, playing the martyr. If you try to continue on this, Pluto will tear you down so fast it will make your head spin. Instead of whining and saying "Why me?" , man up, look them dead in the eye and say "Try me." A square to Typhon will bring up all of your old demons, rise to the challenge, and put them to rest for good! A sextile to Teharonhiawako gives you everything you need to create your own reality, make it drama free! You have the potential to make your life amazing, do WHAT YOU WANT, and screw anyone who tries to take you down. Deal with them quickly and effectively. A sextile to Juno is putting an end to the toxic relationships that you have put up with up until now. Get rid of them. A trine to Astraea shows you that there will be a return to a golden time, and it will be soon, however to get there you will need to wlak through the fire. Stay focused. A sextile to Terpsichore shows that underneath it all, you are going to be just fine. Take some time to escape, and take time for yourself. Finally, you have a conjunction to Apophis. Break out the big guns, and destroy what stands in your way; obliterate the opposition. Let nothing stand in your way right now; I cant emphasize this enough. If there is even the slightest hesitation, fear, or doubt- Destroy it. From this moment on, we are building a brand new foundation, but we have to do some demolition first, and there is no room for the once-was and has-been.

Stay strong, dig deep, and rally against anything whose time has come. Face your demons, and deal with them completely. This is the moment guys, lets do this, once and for all!!

                                                                           -The Astrogeek             

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