Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From the Man himself

Alright, I know this is a little dated, but i just stumbled onto this. Its too perfect. Here's the description on the website:

Pluto gets demoted, ThinkGeek makes a shirt.
Imagine yourself a tiny planet, happily orbiting the sun at nearly 6 billion kilometers. One morning, you check your email - ooh, an urgent message from the International Astronomical Union. "dear sir... yadda yadda... regret to inform... yadda yadda... planetary status has BEEN REVOKED?!" WTF?

Some scientists are protesting, others even taking legal action, but it's true - the IAU has created rules governing the definition of 'Planet', and our favorite Kuiper-belt object has officially been voted out of the planetary house.

ThinkGeek's latest shirt show's Pluto's likely response, if it were sentient, spoke English, and frowned on cursing. Black high-quality shirt with a white depiction of the solar system, the ninth orbital body of which quietly lamenting, "weak."

Its the exact sort of thing everyone's favorite underdog KBO would say when he found out, dont you think? If only they could work in Eris somewhere...

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