Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Wheat from the Chaff

(Warning: Adult Themes)

Okay, this ones not going to be easy guys. Pluto is definitely ruling the day here. The Moon skids past him early on, but the Scorpio vibe is impossible to ignore. And with Pluto still in the Cardinal Cross holding pattern, you can bet this is going to be a rough ride.

The Challenge: Now, the name of the game today is Toxicity. If you’ve been paying attention, you caught a glimpse of the awesomeness that could be when Miss Moon was romping through Sagittarius. You should also have caught a moment when you made a minor mistake, leading to you winding up with egg on your face. This is actually highlighting a deeper issue that needs to be dealt with and overcome ASAP. There is a heightened sense of immediacy here. For the most part, this is because the problem has been in the background for a long time, and has just now become intolerable, snapping you into action. This is an issue that has become deeply entrenched, and will require a nuclear-powered mop and lead –lined gloves to clean up.

The Reward: How about everything you ever wanted but were too afraid to ask for? This is a very serious and challenging moment, but the long term payoff is incredible (and its going to be easier than you think). Here’s an example: One of my friends is a great guy, smart, funny, decent-looking and such. Yet he never seems to be able to handle himself when it comes to talking to anyone he’s interested in. He gets extremely nervous, evasive, and defensive, a major change from his normal extroverted self. Recently I looked at his chart for him, and after some talking, he confessed to being addicted to pornography. Now this is a multilayered issue. First, growing up his family was extremely unsupportive of his sexuality, and he was unable to discover these things, so he turned to porn. This served to distance him from his peers (as who needs to date when you have that?) but it subconsciously distanced him from his family as well, leaving the idea that he was unlovable in his mind. This also weighs on all his social interactions, as he is terrified of someone finding out about his secret. In timing with this Moon, he realized the problem, has chosen to take drastic steps to address each part of the issue once and for all, so that he can live a more fulfilling life on his own terms.

In the Trenches: Now this is going to be very tense, and you’re going to have to face some rather uncomfortable facts about yourself and your life. This is Pluto in Capricorn at its finest. The challenges on the horizon are daunting. You’re going to want to look for an easy way out.

Don’t take it.

Heres the thing: You’ve been preparing for this. You’ve come a long way, baby. You’re ready to face this thing square on and wrestle it to the ground. Do not allow the fear to paralyze you from doing what you need to do. I cant stress this enough. We’ve all gone through the ringer, and this is the test. You have defined what you want, and its on the horizon. To get that however, you have to go down into the root and pull out the muck that’s clogging up the drains. Buckle down, ignore every bit of drama that comes at you and get down to business. The hard part here is you cant allow the melancholy in the air to get to you. Try to keep positive, but avoid your vices.

The Good News: It actually is much easier to deal with this than I’ve made it out to be. The problem comes around if you avoid it. There will be other chances, to be sure, but the opportunity presented here is just too good to pass up.

Astrologer’s Note: The case above refers to someone to who I am very close, and would never have shared the information without his express permission, especially given the nature of the issue. It is shared to illustrate the nature of the cosmic event. Please do not flame, as you do not know the full situation.

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