Thursday, July 14, 2011

ASTROSCENE: Back to work

The Moon comes back from her (too short) vacation, with renewed vigor. A little globetrotting was just what the doctor ordered! She heads back to work where she meets up with Pluto, and they go into a Mission Critical meeting, as the hostile takeover of Saturn, Inc. has just gone into the Red Zone. The C.E.O still has a couple aces left to play before the fat lady sings, though….

Uranus is still trying to track down Enlightenment, last we saw he was in the Australian Outback. We eagerly await a postcard.

Mercury goes out for new gear. Mars showed him up last time, a crime that will not go unpunished.  Venus tags along to try to keep him from blowing all his money. After all, there has to be something left over for her, right? They talk about her vacation, and gossip about Jupiter, and bicker over whether or not Mercury needs a pimp cane and fedora, and several unsuspecting shop girls are caught in the crossfire (obviously they didn’t read the last Astroscene). Final score: Fedora yes, Pimp Cane no. And there’s something left over for Venus, too. Everybody wins, and with minimal bloodshed to boot.

Saturn calls in a favor from Mars and Pallas Athene, who come to the embattled tycoon’s defense. Together, they promote Synergy and some such corporate drivel till they’re blue in the face. To everyone’s surprise, this actually works and the company’s stock rebounds. Enraged, Pluto posts pictures of Mars’ antics with Mercury on his Facebook.

Jupiter calls Chiron for advice after Juno finds out about Eros, but unfortunately the centaur isn’t much help, as he is too busy trying to drag Neptune back into reality (a full-time job to say the least). Which is probably for the best, as getting in between those two never ends well for ANYBODY. Just ask poor Io. Psyche packs her bags and calls Mercury to see if she can crash with him for a while. Vesta blogs about the whole mess, breaking only to feed the 27 stray cats she seems to have taken on.

Meanwhile, a smirking woman watches it all from her penthouse, chomping on an apple. All in a days work...

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