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New Moon in Capricorn- The Trouble With Dreams

Ninja by Ivan Otero, CCL

: OKAY SO! This is one of my famous shotgun posts, as this shit snuck up on me somehow, and now you get me writing my balls off, half-drunk at 2:41 in the morning- Full disclosure. *sips bourbon*Great start to 2016, Astrogeek, classy as shit like always…

This sure as shit doesn’t feel like a new moon, no siree… This is halfway between a full moon and an eclipse. This is a test. You have to prove your mettle on this one y’all. So, again I ask you: WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT? You have the power to make anything come to fruition that you want, but only that which you put work into. Your effort and willpower will define this stage. Sure, you may DESIRE certain things like a new relationship or a bigger bank balance, or peace on earth; but you cannot get the first one if you're going out every night and trolling hookup apps, and that is doubtful for the second, but its entirely possible that you have invested in a company like Lockheed Martin, and therefore are a war profiteer, and probably have a decent bank balance! See how my clumsy metaphor barely makes any sense? That’s the Astro talking, I think. Either that or I need to stop doing bodyshots off of strippers….

And we all know THAT’S not going to happen!!

Anyways, wherever you focus your efforts, you will see growth and change, BUT anything that you are not willing to actively work toward, you might as well ignore. Because there is no cavalry coming- It’s just you, standing alone against the horde. Your strikes will count, but you have to swing your swords for that to matter! You have to show up to the battle, you have to be in the trenches! Most of 2016 will follow these rules- You’ve been skating by far too long, now you actually need to nut up and put your money where your mouth is!

Morrigan Dervishi
: Oh boy oh boy, this year is already starting out... fun.  It's 2016, folks.  Let's break this down:
New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

Sun - 9 of Cups
Moon - 4 of Cups
Mercury - 8 of Swords
Venus - 9 of Pentacles
Mars - Ace of Pentacles
Jupiter -  Queen of Swords
Saturn - 8 of Cups
Uranus - 8 of Wands
Neptune - 8 of Pentacles
Pluto - The Emperor

The 20th card of the tarot is called JUDGEMENT and the 16th card in the Tarot is THE TOWER. That sets the tone for this year.  Our world structures are about to EXPLODE and the Capricorn new moon is making us completely jittery about it.  What?  Structures?  Exploding?  Nightmare words for Capricorn, and Capi's nightmares are surely on our mind.  We have Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto are all in the sign of the devil goat.  We want to build.  We want to make something out of all of this, but it looks like we are getting a lot of interference from Uranus, Mars, and Neptune right now.  Uranus is 8 of Wands in my reading, meaning he wants us to know he is back in full swing and plowing through everything.  Do not forget where he is coming from.  Who's pointing the Uranus laser beam gun right at all of our Capricorn dreams right now?  Aries.  Blood god energy.  But he's got a formidable opponent. 

The Sun, Moon, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto- UGHHHH NO. More self-reflection, more old pain drawn up, and more bullshit flashpoints and losses that are completely beyond your control, but eventually seek to move you to a new era/arena of life. Beware of zombie romances. Old news. NEXT!!!!

Morrigan Says
For this beautiful vortex of a new moon in the sea goat, I pulled the card 4 of cups.  The 4 of cups is all about moping around, and that's exactly what this new moon energy is dragging us to do.  Woe is me!  I don't have any of my shit together right now!  Shit is exploding around me and I don't know what to do!  Yeah, it's screwed up, but this card also reminds us that everything isn't futile.  Stop crying over spilled milk and look into your heart.  You're disillusioned by everything around you because it's all going to burn soon.  It's cardboard houses, so light your flame already.  Deep down, at your core, you have always known what it's really about, so stop giving your energy to the powers that be and rise to your own power.The sun in this reading is in the 9 of cups, which is also called the wish card.  It looks like Capricorn is really what we want right now, so we need to stop fighting it.  Don't let the delusions get in the way.  Remember, ground that Neptune.  Pluto is represented by the Emperor in this reading (which is associated with the sign Aries itself), wielding his transformational power over everything right now.  Pluto is larger than life AND IN CHARGE!  He is powering us up.  Telling us where to go.  There is a lot of power right now in taping into his energy, and he is rallying everything around him.  You might not THINK you have the power (Mercury IS in retrograde after all), but you've definitely got the power.  You're in charge.  Stop building what they want you to build and start building for YOURSELF. Capricorn is challenging us to start climbing the mountain, baby, but we have a lot of shit just holding us down.  We can't even get over the foothills because we are in such a panic.  What a troubling feeling.  I know, I know, just end it already, jeez.  4 of Cups is traditionally associated with moon in cancer energy, so it looks like we're being a little sensitive right now.  Get up.  Get out.  Let's go.  This is your queue not to get buried in all the bad energy going around.  Stop thinking that some white knight is going to come and rescue, because they are not.  Uranus will shoot them out of the sky before that friggin happens.  Power up that goat devil energy we have in our weapons kit right now, and slice through this shit!

Mercury Retrograde, Pallas Athene- Second verse, same as the first…. NEXT!!!

Morrigan Says: 
Poor little Mercury doesn't seem to be doing so well.  I pulled 8 of swords for him, which is literally interference.  Traditionally, this card is depicted as a woman standing in a circle of swords wearing a blindfold.  She thinks she is surrounded, but there is an open path in front of her if she either A. removes her own blindfold or B. makes the leap of faith and just moves forward already.  Makes a lot of sense for Mercury retro, doesn't it?  We're scattered and we have no idea that the opening is literally in front of us.  Mercury is literally sitting on whatever the answer to our question is right now, and it seems to all have to do with Capricorn. 

Venus, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith- Oh for fucks sake…  All of your old tricks will suddenly reappear and then promptly kidnap you, expecting a lifelong commitment right off the bat. DO NOT ACCEPT, they’re the same old crazy bitch that they have always been. Also- save yourself, the damsel in distress trope looks bad on all of us. NEXT!!!

Morrigan Says
Venus is in 9 of Pentacles, meaning more grounding.  We need to nourish our relationships before they rot and kill our anxieties and kill our blindfolded Mercury right now.  Stop taking things out on those around you.  Nourish them.  9 of Pentacles is Venus in Virgo energy, so we need to really pay service to our relationships right now.  Help build for them.  Saturn is 8 of cups, meaning we need to leave behind all the things that aren't benefiting us and those we love right now.  This card can also mean some profound realizations our coming our way.  He is reminding us that yes, we quite literally are walking away from the delusion right now and striding into the things that truly matter.

Mars, Neptune, Juno and Vesta- Finally, something that I can use; Unfortunately, I covered this in the intro. You will need to make decisions, right here and now as to how you want your future to take shape. You will need to make sacrifices. It will hurt, and nothing is a sure bet. Make your choice NOW, and stick to your guns. You CAN DO THIS. *takes drink break*

Morrigan Says
The TOWER (card 16) is ruled by Mars, who seems to be playing an important role this year.  I pulled Ace of Pentacles for him, meaning he is the root of all of our trouble right now.  There is no way we are getting around him, and we have to deal with his is "my way or the highway" attitude.  He's in Scorpio right now, his ancient ruler, so he's essentially a blood soaked barbarian coming out of a battle terrifying poor Mercury. For Neptune I got the 8 of Pentacles.  Prudence.  We need to ground right now and take daddy Capricorn's lessons seriously.  He is using Pluto to blast away these Neptunian delusions, and I think, by golly, it might just work out for us.  The cards are urging us to really earth our ideas right now.  They are saying root into something that's real so you can come down from the clouds, come down from all of the anxious energy around us, and start building your kingdom.  8 of Pentacles is all about grounding and working and building your dream from the literal earth.  Get serious.  So, let's bring all of those daydreams we have been stuck in to the light and take advantage of our super charged Capricorn abilities right now.

Jupiter, All the remaining minor planets including ERIS and some such nonsense- Look, Jupiter is retrograde in his most hated sign, Virrrrrrrrrrrgo. This doesn’t bode well for anything. Shit sucks, not just for you. We all have dreams and goals. Do what you can, when you can; and when you can’t, bide your time. Plot. Coil up to strike. You will get your chance but you may have to take a leap when the ground is falling out from under you and the only place you can jump is on fire. These things happen. Jump anyway.

Morrigan Says
Jupiter is Queen of Swords.  Slice through, baby, luck is on our side.  This is like pulling the sword of time out of the stone.  We've got the power!  Our abilities are inflated, and we can get to the heart of the matter.  She is the dragon woman, ready to use her emotions and her intellect as combined weapons.  Like a motherfucking vortex.  Jupiter's storm is going to pummel anything that comes in our way.  Go, little goats, go!  If this world is going to burn down around us, we are surely going to build a new empire on the rubble.  One that is true and from the heart.  The planet of philosophy and higher thinking is urging us to find truth and justice and use it as a weapon.  The Queen of Swords is associated with Libra.  This is our charge. So go, go go!  We can do this.  We've got devil goat energy and we are really sitting on the throne.  Let's just take these blindfolds off and fight some real battles instead of battles with ourselves and those who love us.

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