Monday, January 4, 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn/ Future 2016- Back To Hell

Torches in the Night by Marjan Lazarevski, CCL

Oh, here we go again… Yes y’all, right out of the gate in 2016 we have a Mercury Retrograde! That’s right- the transit that drags all the hack astrologers shrieking like harpies about contracts and data usage, or some such nonsense like the soot-ridden, rag-wearing oracles of old. Bless.

Now 2015 was a shitshow, we can all admit that now. Sure it had great moments, as all years do, but I’d never want to relive it if I had the chance, unless there was a LOT that I could change. I’m sure that I’m not alone in that, either. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what is on the agenda for this transit; fortunately, you have me to guide you through, like the Psychopomp himself, and have I ever steered you wrong before?

…Actually don’t answer that. Not sure my ego could handle it.

Back to Mercury! So hes going to be a right asshole this time, dragging you back through the drama of the last month or so, seemingly rehashing every lesson and failure of 2015, and glossing over your wins. No one wants a feel-good story anymore, there is only tragedy. Since it’s going to be mostly in Capricorn, this will mostly be concerns of status, and your place in the world. You will be made painfully aware (again) of just how low on the totem pole of society you are right now. This Astro will be cruel and cutting- Capricorn suffers no fools, and neither does Mercury to be quite honest.

Now, this is better than it sounds, because like all Astro, there is a purpose to it. The pressure and resentment of those above you who hold you down and crush you underfoot will build and build, and you will see a way to overcome it. That’s right, you’re not waiting anymore. No more Mr. Nice Guy; not with Mars in Scorpio (oldie, but goodie. In fact, the entire Scorpio Black Ops series is relevant again!), aiding and abetting Mercury. This pressure from without will build and build within you, and it will be up to you to allow it to explode, or channel it into building towards your own dreams- and what a year to do it! That’s right, its finally time to talk about the events of this coming summer, aka the conjunction of Uranus and motherfucking ERIS, in Aries! God help us all, these two are going to burn it all and dance maniacally in the embers. This was building last year, and still is, but will hit at the beginning of June. You are officially on 6-month notice. For now, channel the rage without suppressing it, every indignity and slight, while plotting the best revenge- getting out and living your life on YOUR terms. Use Eris, goddess of strife, to help you reach what you are striving for. You have been preparing for this since 2011, and while the odds have never been more stacked against you, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise with how far you have come. You can absolutely do this, you know you can. All it takes is doing the thing. Nothing to it!

Oh and no new phone contracts. Just to be safe.

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