Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius- Currents

Two by Abby Evan, CCL

Happy Chinese New Year, heroes!! We are now in the Century of the Fruitbat Year of the Fire Monkey of Independence!  

Lordy, this is one is about to be extra. I have never seen a more focused lunation. Luckily, this makes my job relatively easy, not so much Morrigan’s- Sucks to be her! Even so, I’m re-editing this mid-stream of consciousness and deciding, completely on a whim, to change my rules and modus operandi for no other reason than IT WORKS BETTER. That is going to be a central theme with this moment in time- If you can maintain a stillness within your mind then you will be able to naturally sense the best way forward. Oddly, you should not have a problem with this, since the start of the year it has been easier and easier to get into the “no-mind”. Embrace it, and dive into the world around you: follow the flow and you will get where you are going. Though I can’t promise you that it will be a straight path!

Wait, did someone sneak the draft for Pisces season in somehow? No? Still Aqua? Well, okay then…

Morrigan’s  Cards:
Sun Aquarius:  Queen of Swords  
Moon Aquarius:  7 of Wands
Mercury Capricorn:  The Lovers
Venus Capricorn:  5 of Cups
Mars Scorpio:  3 of Wands
Jupiter Virgo:  2 of Wands
Saturn Sagg:  The Tower
Uranus Aries:  3 of Cups
Neptune Pisces:  8 of Pentacles
Pluto Capricorn:  The Empress

We just passed Imbolc, the Celtic holiday that celebrates the melting of the ice and the flowing of the spring waters; much like Aquarius bearing the celestial waters of a greater consciousness. Welcome back, Aquarius! We missed you! You've arrived with the celestial message of "Please, wake the fuck up" and we're ready to listen. There was a torch of inspiration lit by the Leo full moon 2 weeks ago, and it is melting the ice that has been ensnaring us. We've been carbonized by this winter like Han Solo, and we are finally waking up to the shitstorm that is going on around us. Whether we like it or not, the ice is melting and the waters are going to flow and nourish all the seeds we have collectively burrowed into the ground. The political climate is ripe for action; radicals from the left and the right are making big splashes. Something is on the horizon.  

The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Chiron- See, this is actually extremely annoying for me, as I‘ve gone and slated myself for MORE work and effort (something I avoid at all costs!), at a time when I really cannot afford to; I could have easily written this all as one section under my current rules and called it a day, with the exception of Neptune, but it wasn’t right. Just because you have always done things one way, that doesn’t mean that they should be done that way from this point forward! There is a new game being played here now, with brand new rules. If you are not able to adapt to them, and throw in a few of your own, you will sink beneath the waves that seek to crush you. It’s time for you to learn how to surf! You are going to need to disassociate with all of those who do not share your goals and your mission, as what you need to build trumps all else. Forget their opinions of you, your past relationships with them, or your history- burn those bridges to the ground so that they cannot follow you. That was the theme of the last lunar year, the falling away of what no longer served you, especially relationships. You saw what you were capable of without them holding you back, and my god it was fantastic. YOU were fantastic. You will be there again. Pick yourself up, get on those boots and start walking away from the fuckwits.   

Morrigan SaysSlicey Slicey, this Queen doesn't give two fucks what you want to believe. She is going to shed the light. Represented by Libra, the Queen of Swords is here to serve justice. She will slice and dice your heart if it is not in the right place, and in idealistic, chilly Aquarius, you may be in for some emotional turmoil if you cannot behave with the collective in mind. This Sun is about being able to make judgments without forcing your biases into the judgment making processes. You're going to have to cut the fat, so to speak. Get rid of the things that don't serve your higher purpose. If you can't be the best you, then you can't play your part in evolving the collective. Cut out the people who are bringing you down. Cut out the ideas that are slowing you down. Slice/cut/dice. She is in war mode because of her relation to Mars right now, but she also has her eye on the prize with her positive aspects with Saturn and Uranus. Holy shit this is “unstoppable force” energy! You have all the tools you need right now to demolish institutions (macro or micro). Insight + Judgment are on our side. This is the time to do it. This is a very "no bullshit, no illusions" sun. Can you survive the hailstorm? Things are going to change, whether you like it or not. What did Darwin say? Not the strongest, or the smartest (though we are both of those things, hehehe), but the one most adept to change survives and evolves. This is the archetype of Aquarius; the perfection of humanity which is always willing and ready to change and blast off to the next incarnation. When I pulled cards for each of the planets, the moon came up as the 7 of Wands, which is Leo in Mars energy. There is a pride to Leo that is also found in its opposite, Aquarius. That creative drive coming from the deepest part of the self we felt 2 weeks ago? Well it hasn't stopped, and it's now taken on the out of the box creativity of Aquarius. All those idealistic projects you have been thinking about? Well, now is the time to initiate them. 7 of Wands is called "Valor," or continuing to fight for your position of superiority amongst the basic bitches (Astro: Oh great, now we have to pay Khloe Kardashian again…). Get ready to defend yourself at every turn. This is a fighting card, so get your debate suit out and ironed.  Use that Aquarian scientific mind to argue your case. The moon may be square mars, zapping a lot of your emotional energy and forcing you to keep your guard, but that just means you need to rise to the challenge. You are being given two great tools here. With the moon sextile both Saturn and Uranus (both of which are Aquarius' planets), this is your opportunity to use that war energy to build and innovate your ideas. This is the time to demolish and rebuild all of your structures. This is a perfect re-programming pportunity. Aquarius is an idealist, so when re-programming keep in mind your highest values so get a nice karmic boost from the planets. With these sextiles, opportunity is knocking- so answer the damn door already! Aquarius is the circulatory system - the rivers - and they are raging. We all need to keep our dignity right now and fight for what we believe in. In short, don't fucking back down from your fight or the collective fight toward a better humanity. The good thing about this card is that it is telling us humanity is on the right track - at least for now. Keep pushing each other. Keep staying open to new ideas and treat others, and yourself, with valor in mind. Things aren’t turning out the way you hoped. A lot of disappointment in love is in the air.  But with disappointment comes a much higher awareness. In this card, a man is looking at 4 fallen cups while a full 5th cup sits unnoticed behind him. This is reminding us that although we are distracted with despair over love, we aren’t noticing the good that is sitting there, ready for us, right under our nose. One full cup may not look like much when you are dealing with 4 empty ones but try entertaining the notion.  If you pay attention to the chaos, you will notice the subtle order. Look around and realize that what you are looking for might not be presented the way you expect it, but it will be exactly what you want once you take a chance and go with it. This is hot, hot energy. Sex is in the air, and everyone is feeling it in some way or another. The kinkiness of Aquarius energy around us and the Scorpio Mars is pumping some crazy adrenaline into our veins. THIS IS GET SHIT DONE ENERGY. This Mars isn’t going to let us waste a drop of this electric Aquarian insight. There are so many opportunities around you that you can funnel your energy into, and the only problem is that you may not be able to see all of them from where you are currently standing. Trust that they are there. Trust that your hard work is paying off and big things are on the horizons. This card reminds me of a pioneer making their way out into the unknown, unaware of the vast resources and opportunity ahead of them. Fame, fortune, harems and gold await. Don’t fucking slow down at all- Use the raw sexual energy in the air to your advantage. Opportunities may arise from encounters, and the inspiration present in the interactions will be nothing short of transformative.    

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto- And here we have the driving energy that brings in the New Lunar Year! I’m calling this Super Saiyan energy, because I am a giant nerd. The core concept of this is valid though, rising above the turbulence and chaos in your heart to become a force for change- Never being rid of it, but instead using it to become better. Only when your distractions are removed and you see clearly what is important and must be fought for. Yes, you will need to fight. You will need to fight a great many battles before you get your rest. Some of these you will lose. You will recover. The most amazing thing about Saiyans is that when they lose, and then come back, they become exponentially stronger. You will get this Zenkai Boost as well. Like a wild, raging Oozaru… okay, not sure where I was going with that metaphor.

Morrigan Says
Holy shit. The tower in Saturn. The tower is all about toppling illusions. Our institutions, our values, our daily lives, are all built on lies.  Saturn is here to blow all of that out of the water. In the philosophical sign of Saggo, he is going to get down to very axioms of our existence. As I stated earlier this year, 16 is the tower, and 2016 is the year of the tower. It’s time to take a wrecking ball to everything. There is corruption all around us, but now, more than ever, we can see the cracks in the motherfucking mirror. Would you live in a house that was built faulty? No. You would take a wrecking ball to that piece of shit and build something new and better. This Aquarian moon is shaking and moving with Saturn, and Father Time is telling us that our time is ticking. If you don’t take out the fat now, you’re going to be smothered in the wreckage. LET’S GO! The war is coming. Are you ready? It seems the Aquarian planet is celebrating. 3 of cups is represented by 3 friends, drinking in merriment together. We can think of these three friends as our sun/moon Aquarius combo and Saturn and Uranus. Things are going exactly Uranus’ way. Universal love is being communicated very efficiently, and communities are coming together. The radicals are finding each other and are finally starting to shake things down. Don’t sleep on this Uranus! He’s set up in the perfect position to assist Saturn’s Tower in the takeover. What does this mean for you? This is the perfect time to bring together your weird group of friends (Astro: Calling All Z Fighters!!) because inspiration is going to take flight when you do. Party together. Celebrate together. Mix your energies and everything WILL come together. This is the perfect time to throw your energy into community gatherings of all kinds (especially the super eccentric types). Venus is VICTORY, and The Empress is telling us that Pluto is working toward our victory. Conjunct Mercury and Venus, he is funneling that nourishing energy into our communication and giving us what we need. We just need to remember that sometimes mama knows best, and what we think we want isn’t what we actually need. Don’t you worry, though, because that Plutonian energy is transforming us whether we know it or not – from it’s dark Capricorn goat lair. More transformation of institutions. There are people around us who are really trying to make changes in their lives. Help them, and in turn, they will help you. What more? Essentially more kapow energy. So much fucking kapow, I’m surprised something hasn’t been set on fire…  Do you feel the burn? ;) This shit is not going to end well for those who have been trying to pull the wool over your eyes (in the micro) and the wool over our eyes (in the macro collective).        

Mercury, Jupiter and Nodes- To achieve your goals right now, you are going to need to be clever. As clever and cunning as you have ever been, and more loose and fun to boot! This is not a time for rigidity, you will need to embrace a more open and adaptable version of yourself than you are used to. Bend like bamboo, swing from vines. Stability is not on the menu right now, but change sure as hell is. For now, get to where you are going, and THEN build on your success and failures. And trust, there will be failures and bad decisions. You will make mistakes. See the section above on that. Here though, your goal is to not allow those selfsame failures to harden your heart and make you cold or cruel. In fact, you will need to do a lot of work there to warm back up from all that the Cardinal Crisis has done to you. You are a war hero right now, and it’s time to acclimate back to civilian life.  Err just shy of insanity in your path, and stay more kooky than homicidal. Embrace the energy of the Fool.

Morrigan SaysWhat is it that you really want? That seems to be a big theme of this new moon.  What is your ideal? What waters do you want your river to merge into? This Aquarian current is pushing us and it’s pushing us fast, and we need to get to the nitty-gritty details of our aspirations. Where can we be of service to the world?  Where can we best serve ourselves? Jupiter is giving a lot of energy to Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto right now. Things are going BANG BANG and you need to fucking make decisions and get shit moving. This card is urging you not to sit around. 2 of Wands is represented by Mars in Aries energy. Yeah, you got that, Mars in Aries energy. Essentially we are in an electric, raging Aquarian river, white water rafting to VICTORY or our demise as a collective. As above, so below – what is about you is also about everyone else.  No more sitting on your ass, it’s time to get shit moving. Jupiter is forcing our hands. With the Lovers card being pulled for Mercury, and it’s conjunction with Venus, our communications will lead us to victory and fusion (Astro: Morrigan, you do realize that’s another Saiyan reference, right?) with those around us. Speak your mind.  Put your speech together and say what you mean to say. Enough passive aggression and dancing around the issues. It’s time to fuse ourselves with our environment using language. It’s time to connect to everyone around us using language, and you can’t do this if you aren’t being honest and you aren’t being direct.

Neptune- Always the gunk in the gears, Neptune… Still can you believe that He/She is already at 8 degrees of Pisces? Sure, we still have a long slog ahead of us, but that’s massive! It feels like we’ve jumped from 4 to 8 overnight, and it’s great. Anyways, Neptune is removed from the main event of the Astro, but a hotbed of the minor planet activity! Well, at least the main ones I use. A different sampling could show something completely different, like a focus on Jupiter or some such nonsense, and it would be completely accurate and valid! That’s the message coming in from Neptune- There are layers and lenses of reality that change your experience and awareness. They are valid, and right for you- There are more of them out there, different lenses and layers that combine in different ways that see and experience things you never could and would never dream of. Be open to different ways, different paths that could open up for you now. Do not discount anything or close yourself off from a potential dream just because it’s not something you’ve ever considered before. Break free of yourself. Evolve.

Morrigan Says:
We are living in a world full of illusions. We are building the statues for THE MAN in his image when we should really be building for us. It seems this theme is also following us (a pleasant reminder that we haven’t escaped this particular prison). This card is called “prudence” in some decks. Be careful about believing in false causes. Look inside yourself before looking out. This brings us back to the archetype of Aquarius. Though Aquarius is a sign about the collective, it is also an extremely individualistic sign. To help and push forward the collective, one must first look inside and develop a strong sense of self. If you do not, you may just end up drinking some idiot’s kool-aid in a bunker in West Virginia. Keep watching your dreams. We are walking in a waking dream right now built around us. This card is reminding us that we are still in the simulacra – the matrix – and it has been built very solidly around us. Use that Aquarian energy to destroy that illusion. Be eccentric – choose a new way.  

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