Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius- Frontiers

Malloreigh Superhero by kris krüg, CCL

Oh, my heroes and villans, is this going to be a good one! This is the pure, raw energy of Saggo in New Moon form! The trademark of this moon is the wild hope you feel, that you can overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way all year long; That this is YOUR moment, finally! And it is, don’t get me wrong: But it’s not quite what you think this time.
This moon is all about pushing your boundaries, getting to new horizons and exploring frontiers. These are not physical destinations, but rather mental and emotional depths. In fact, this has an extremely Piscean/ Scorptastic feel to it, BUT without the drama of either. All the best of those two, plus the best of Saggo, with none of the bad of the three? Can it be so? Well obviously not. If it was I wouldn’t be bothering to write this. What this is, is an opportunity; You are challenged to plumb the depths of your soul, face the most disgusting and foul parts you can find, and purge them from you. This you must do before 2016 (Aries Season), and the amazing thing is, it’s not even a Herculanean task right now! This moment in time is your best chance to do this, and the stars are on your side. You have the cosmos backing you, if you are only brave enough to jump into the darkness and do the dirty work. You have to make the choice.

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron and Pluto- Wow. This is a veritable powder keg of Astro. Surprisingly, its also mostly dormant. I want you to change that. You are going to be the one to push that big red button and blast open a hole. Notice that these are the main players of the Cardinal Crisis. You are going to channel the last 7 years (Holy hell. It’s been 7 years.) into this short time period. Every lesson, every high, every defeat and every moment where you felt like the only logical course of action was either to go on a murderous rampage or turn that rage onto yourself; Every bit of it is going to be needed before 2016 is done. This is where you are going to step fully into yourself and your personal power.  Controlled demolition is the name of the game:  There is a thorn in your side that has been festering since Saturn in Scorpio- Right around 2013. You’re going to excise it, since it’s already infected you. It is ruining your life, tearing you down and keeping you from reaching your fullest potential. This can no longer be allowed, as we have a BIG year coming- Especially the summer. While you’re at it, ditch every external influence that whose benefit no longer outweighs their cost. You will need every moment of this time, and it will go quickly. Do not waste it.

Mercury- All on his own, Mercury is the key to getting out of Hell. That never changes, but what is changing this time is that you are going to need to work with him to break IN rather than out. You will be making the conscious effort to go down into your own depths, and shovel out the merde that is there. Your mission is to scrape off the layer of muck and grime that you have been hiding behind for years. That was the easy way out and you’re not doing that anymore. It has served its purpose. There is only an ember of your inner fire left (or so it feels to you) but that is more than enough to become a blazing inferno, with a little work and care. Taking the steps to do so will be noticed by others, and you will help each other achieve more in ways that you couldn’t before. Start with what you love to do, but don’t have time/ whatever bullshit excuse you make not to do it anymore. This is how you get back to your path. You will get back home, I swear it to you on my life.

Venus, Saturn, and Neptune- These are the undercurrents of the astro, its driving force. Neptune is your ideal, where you want to be “When all this is over”; Venus is the unrefined, untamed, raging storm that is you now- Which means that the way to get from the one to the other is Saturn. Stifle those groans people, this is just the start of that long process. We’re still a long way off from that particular crescendo, but you need to know that that is the backdrop of the astro. Sure, it’s not as sexy as The-World-Is-At-Stake chaos that was the Cardinal Crisis, but this astro has even greater stakes: You. Think of this process as the origin story for the superhero (or supervillan, no judgment!) you are becoming.  You will become more and more aware of the amount you control your life and circumstances by the day. The cosmos is about to take the training wheels off, and we’re going to see if you’re ready to ride!

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