Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Full Moon in Gemini- The Rhythm of Rebellion

Untitled by Santiago Sito, CCL

Good god, its holiday season again?  Ugh, here I am still trapped in Leo season… What happened to this year? Seems like just a week ago I was lounging by a pool under the SoCal desert sun, and now its too cold for a bro-tank (which doesn’t stop me from wearing one, mind you!) and I have to deal with my family again?! #IsItAriesSeasonYet?

I don’t have much of a preface, so let’s just jump in to it like so much gravy, shall we? Besides, since when is Saggo about subtlety and buildup?

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune- Okay, just breathe you guys. Yes this is a lot, but you can handle it. The lead up to this is exhausting, mostly because of Saturn-Neptune draining Mars’ vitality. The way out with this is through- Saturn is your champion, stick to your routine, put in your work and get shit done, even if you need to over-caffeinate and potentially get something far stronger than caffeine. Hustle and get rewarded, that’s the promise of Mercury. Once this hits, however, you are looking at a whirlwind of activity and drama that doesn’t stop til Cap Season. Maybe longer, because the cardinals are anything but boring in these times.  All this will of course coincide with a hellaciously bad Thanksgiving for those who celebrate this week- Everyone will get offended, you will drink too much and end up with your foot in mouth, and the exact topics no one wants discussed will be dragged out. This pallor will not last long, however, and everything should go back to normal within a week. Things will be forgiven but not forgotten, so be wary. Just remember its Saggo season, and we’re all a bit bombastic right now.   

Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto- Now to address the elephant in the room- No, you don’t feel as though there is anything to celebrate right now. That is normal. Shit is terrible in this world. I personally explode with rage every time I see something pop up onto my news feed, thinking “My god, it can’t get any worse than this” but lo and behold, I am proven wrong DAILY. Usually hourly, in fact. How are you supposed to celebrate in the face of so much overwhelming bullshit, which no one seems to be willing to scoop away? First, realize that everyone else around you is probably feeling the exact same, and is also frustrated that they cannot figure out a good outlet to express the frustration, same as you. Don’t run from it. Look into the abyss as much and as long as you can handle. Know what is happening around you, and don’t shirk away. Be authentic. Then, for step 2. THIS IS FUCKING SAGGO SEASON. Put on your stupidest gear, act like a fool and channel Jupiter! Party! Do it as an act of rebellion, the single greatest one you can manage right now. In a world that is trying to destroy our spirits daily, spit in its face and slay the house down! Dance like mad, with every step a reminder of a terrible act, an atrocity in every beat. Do not forget, but honor the wronged with every laugh and smile. Mourn through melody.

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  1. Thank you. That is AWESOME...and it does make me think.... I have been having a really rocky time.. This brings much clarity. Yay!