Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Moon in Scorpio- Savages

big savage tunnel 1911 by Nessie Grace, CCL

These are some psychotic skies, you guys.

I mean, limiting Saturn in expanding  Saggo, while broad-strokes Jupiter is in nitpicky Virgo, Uranus moonwalking backwards on the shag carpet, shocking everyone; and Neptune vaping up a storm, making everyone else choke and so it’s impossible to have any idea what the hell is going on (we get it bro, you vape!)… it’s enough to make a lesser AstroBro hand in his official Augury card! Luckily, you are in the hands of a professional.

Now, for this round the thing is fear. You have a unique opportunity this go-around- You will be aware of your fears, in crystal clarity- But for one brief and shining moment, you will not be a slave to them. This time around, you can make new choices, set new patterns, and break free where you have been held back before. It will be extremely tempting to give in to the temptation of following the same old paradigm, but I swear to you, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for and you will never forgive yourself if you miss it. Hell, the Cardinal Crisis did not spend so much time breaking you and reforging you in its fires to have you go back to the same old rut! No, it did what it did with purpose, and direction- To bring you up to a level that you have never seen before, and to unleash the full potential of what you could become, here and now.

And that’s to say nothing of the trial that is to come…

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus- Okay, so I love this Astro, I really do. Reminds me of that orgasmicly Aries-Uranian energy we had going, god I wish I could bottle that. Anyway, the main thing you want to look at here is the interplay of Jupiter quincunx Uranus. Now, most readers would see this as an awful and trying aspect- and it is, but only if you aren’t creative enough to see the potential inherent in the challenge. Chiron is also in the mix with those two, as is Eris- now typically these four would be a recipe for disaster, but somehow this particular blend gets it just right. With this Astro, Uranus drops a blessing disguised as a problem in your path and you pause before reacting; Chiron gives you the awareness to see where you have made the mistakes before- Jupiter helps you see what you should do instead, a better way, and Eris gives you the guts to step out of your old ways and into a better you. All the discordant parts moving in harmony for once, and just for a second, you get a glimpse of how your life could be. Make that change, take that plunge- stop relying on your old tricks and get a new one already! Find a better way, and actually make some headway toward your greater goals instead of sitting on your ass and complaining about how you are trapped and not going anywhere! Do better!

Mercury and Pluto- And this is how you do it. When these two get together, it’s pure dead magic; Literally, it’s usually Necromancy (or at the very least, Alchemy). These two are the ones to look for when you want to change everything around and/or within you. Think your way out of your problems, rely on your wits for once- You know exactly how to, think back to when you used to be more desperate and had to make something out of nothing. Make it work. Spin that straw into gold, you know you can do it again! Also, just because All Hallows is over, that doesn’t mean those loved ones who have passed cant still teach you a thing or two, point you in the right direction, if you only honor their memory…

Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune- Finally, good relationship news! Venus is no longer dead to me, because frankly I no longer care what she throws at me. This is a very calm and composed Venus we see, not like the bitchy and vindictive one we’ve been treated to as of late. She is riding the afterglow of her conjunction with Mars, so I’m sure that helps. But she’s also getting some good advice and tea from Pallas Athene, and miracle of miracles, our girl is actually LISTENING to what she is saying for once! I honestly never thought I would see the day.  Saturn and Neptune are in the mix as well, Neptune urging her to give up on these booty calls and find the ONE, and Saturn nonchalantly deleting her dating apps while she isn’t looking. The interesting player here is Lilith. She is not sowing chaos for the hell of it, as per usual, but this time she is actually taking the chaos and helping you to synthesize it within yourself so that you can… you know what, it doesn’t matter. What I just realized is that this Astro boils down to one thing- You have a second chance. The failures and setbacks you endured in 2009-2012, the first half of the Cardinal Crisis, before Saturn went into Scorpio- That is what you have a chance to correct. Right now, in 2015-2016. This window will not last forever, so move NOW! Get your shit done, do whatever you have to do- This is your moment to reclaim what you lost, reset your score.

Make it count, guys.

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  1. Excellent writing (as always). Thank you!