Monday, September 14, 2015

Solar Eclipse in Virgo- Distillation

Foreword- Jesus, its weird being back here. Like putting on an old suit that I never have an occasion to wear... Still it fits though, in the grand scheme of things. You may be wondering why this post is late, and why it isnt on the Darkworkers site. Darkworkers had some technical issues the day I needed to post this, and so I had to find another outlet for it. Fear not, Darkworkers will be back stronger, and much better than before, very very soon. Luckily, this is an eclipse and valid for 6 months. Below is the original, unedited post that didnt quite make it to print.


I have written quite a few of these over the years, chronicling our journey through time since the early days of the Cardinal Crisis. I have learned a great deal, grown immensely, and found my voice as a writer. One thing I have learned more than anything else? The stars are a bunch of bitches. What can they do against a man with a vision, a goal, and the indomitable will to make it happen? How can they possibly stand against YOU? Most of them are millions and millions of miles away anyhow, who cares what they think? If there is something you desire: something you want to create, achieve or become, then there is no chance in hell that anything can stop you aside from your own unwillingness to bring it into form. Excuses are for those who are not creative or resourceful enough to find a way to make reality their bitch. Break your world, get rid of what is unnecessary, melt down the remains and shape it as you see fit. Just fucking let them HAVE it, darling!

More than anything else I write, this is the point, THE message behind this eclipse. Hell it’s the message for most of them if I’m being perfectly honest. The rest is just window dressing and funny hats.

The Sun, Moon, Mars and Uranus- The one thing that these particular stars are not short on is ENERGY! It is like a thousand shots of espresso in one tiny cup, perched in the hand of one of the most fabulous of the Virgoan fashion designer army, enabling them to bring out and tap their genius. Take the same liberties. This is one of those times where it is tantalizingly close to you, bubbling up to the surface and just aching to be grabbed. Reach out. It’s not a blissful walk in the park however- you will have your challenges to your awesome. Fear, doubt, insecurity, issues and situations that you thought long dead will attempt to drag you back the second you try and bust out of your mediocrity. Use it as your fuel and struggle harder. Break out of the quagmire. 

Mercury, Venus and Pluto- You will be holding your life up to a mirror, and I doubt that your hyper-critical eye will like what you see. That is okay, but get your frustrations out (preferably in list form) and identify why they are frustrating you, and how you can tackle each individual issue in order to live more fully in your own personal Nirvana. Your emotions will be wild and unmanageable and tantrums are likely, but high creative expression, at its very best will be possible as well. Let your passion fuel your expression, and leave your mark on this world NOW, because that is all any of us ever truly have. 

Jupiter and Neptune- These two are this eclipse in microcosm. Well, as microcosm as the macrocosm gets, anyway. And that is fundamentally the heart of the interplay of these two: Micro vs. Macro, You vs. The World, that sort of thing. You will be acutely aware of your mission in this world now, in broad strokes and gut feelings if not explicit detail. It will be far easier to understand your purpose, but will paradoxically be more difficult to find where you fit in the grand scheme. The search for this resolution and for the place you belong is so quintessentially Jupiter in Virgo that it hurts. A greater adventure awaits you- go chase it down, even if it hurts like a motherfucker at first. Quit making excuses, blaming other people for your problems and whining to anyone who will listen- Man up, take some responsibility for once and DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO ALREADY!

Saturn- Last but certainly never forgotten, the old bag of bones is boring this time at first glance, but upon closer inspection we find that he is actually at the heart of the undercurrents of the eclipse, and the nexus of its most interesting Astro, framing this eclipse in a whole new way. He takes what would otherwise be a singular event, a stumbling block or challenge, and weaves it into the grander tapestry of your life, lending perspective and giving it depth and scope. This moment, while frustrating and confusing now, will one day be something worth remembering, a start to something amazing. Let this be your beginning, and take your first steps into a grand new life.

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