Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Venus in Pisces- In Love With a Stripper


Watch out for this one boys, shes nothing but trouble. She'll whisper in your ears, promising you the world, make you really feel like you matter, and then disappear the second you turn your back with your wallet and your watch. Probably your pants too. The thing is, you wont be too broken up about it, because for the briefest of seconds, she was with YOU, and you will walk away like a champion.

Ladies, you are to read the above and instead of getting indignant at Astro, your mission is to embody that, the ultimate magic and mystery to being a woman (i.e. disappear when you have to take a shit instead of letting the poor bastard see that you actually have bodily functions, so that you can keep the magic alive.)
For both sexes, be very careful, because you are going to be highly susceptible to believing in the magic. Youre going to want it to be real with all of your heart, but its not. Its fleeting, its wonderful, and its a lie- but that doesnt mean it isnt real. Believing is the fastest way to end up in the gutter slumming with Neptune...

But just for the briefest of moments, you'll let yourself believe; and in that moment you remember why its so amazing to be alive. Even better- you'll remember what alive really feels like.

Venus in Pisces. Exaltation. Mystery. Magic. Majesty.
-The AstroGeek

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retrograde- Coloring Inside the Lines

If that girl doesnt have some crazy undiscovered TNO smack dab on her Ascendant ill eat my hat. Anyway, Saturn- The Time Lord is about to go Retrograde. Cue melancholy, depression, and the chutzpah to get up and do something about it.

The facts are these- Saturn is going to highlight a situtation that has become intolerable (i.e.- wherever you have Scorpio in your chart) and that needs a rapid intervention. You will need to take action on this, you HAVE needed to take action on it for some time, but you didnt, so now its a problem. This will be a long slog to get anywhere, and it is not an easy road. You are not in a position to be fighting this- Accept it first. Then let start taking action.

Once you do that, the magic starts to happen...

Ya see, with Saturn, you really cant fight him. Well you can, but it gets messy. And with us right at the start of Pisces, I strongly advise you to take the easy way out here. Escape. Slip out the back. Its the very antithesis of Saturn, but with him in Scorpio he understands that you must do whatever is necessary to acheive your goals.

The only thing you cannot do is break the rules, whatever form they may take for you. DO NOT BREAK YOUR OWN RULES! Just dont do it, I promise you the consequences will be much much worse than if you just take the hit at the outset.

Of course, look at where you have Scorpio for more info- House position will tell you everything.

Stay tough guys
-The AstroGeek

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Moon in Aquarius- Cosplay

Still, you're going to feel a bit like a superhero anyway- Its the Astro. Enjoy it, and use it to its full effect, because these superpowers come with a time limit guys. And man are we going to need them. Get your cape and read on.

Good news? Happy Chinese New Year!! Thats right, its officially the year of the Black Water Snake! I love that the Chinese New Year starts in Aqua, its so auspicious and full of hope and promise. Only better time would be to do it in Aries! But the Waterbearer is just as good. Oh wait, thats the second time Ive mentioned Water in this paragraph alone... Oh well, its probably nothing.

So the main focus right now is how this New Moon is almost exactly squaring the Nodes. So this is all going to have an element of fate to it, setting the stage for the rest of the year. Im betting the Chinese Astrologers are shitting themselves over this one, so it at least deserves a mention! What you choose matters, and its an awesome time to really send out a firm, strong message for how you want your 2013 to turn out. Make sure its bold, larger than life and mega-audacious.

Bearing that in mind, lets get to it, shall we?

The Sun and Moon- Have I mentioned how much I love Aqua? Like I said, the big news here is the Nodes. The Nodes combined with the Sun and Moon ALWAYS means eclipse energy, even if it isnt a traditional eclipse, so brace for intensity building up to a flashpoint, and expect this influence lasting for 6 months. This aspect specifically however indicates some deep Scorpionic issue threatening your continued survival driving you to make a big, life-changing Aquarian choice. Its okay to be scared as long as you do it anyway, but go big or go home guys. Of course, theres more to it than just that. A trine to Ceres is very much in effect, making it easier and extremely important that you put yourself first. This does not mean that you forget about your loved ones, however!! Miss Eris is involved here, demanding that you shake up some shit on your way out and helping you recover your backbone enough to do it. A square to Sedna tells you that no matter what you do, you are going to be missing out or lose something. Weigh your options carefully, HOWEVER DO NOT WAVER in making a decision, because the absolute worst thing you can do is nothing at all. This is confirmed by a sextile to Ixion. Make your move and roll the dice. A sextile to Pholus indicates that something very small is going to set this all off, so pay attention. Sweat the small stuff. A quincunx to Varuna tells you that something is going on behind the scenes. Use this energy to slip out the back door when you make your move rather than causing some big scene. A square to Psyche tells you that there may be considerable stress with you and your romantic partners (for those of you that have them) and its time for you both to put up or shut up. On that note, enjoy Valentine's Day! Dear god, these two are conjunct Damocles- No wonder you feel like there is a sword hanging over your head!! Gauge your choices and actions very carefully, and guard your thoughts. Handle yourself with as much humility, openness and maturity as you can muster- Radical candor is your friend here. If that wasnt enough, the centuars are definitely riding out! A trine to Thereus demands that you compose yourself and act with integrity, no matter what those around you are doing. Believe me, it matters. A sextile to Bienor and Amycus confirms this- Reign in your passions before they ride roughshod over you.

Mercury and Mars- Our boys Merc and Mars are both in Pisces now, and Merc is gearing up for his Retrograde. Til them we get to deal with his bullshit now. Joyous. A conjunction with Chiron is the focal point with this one, so how this plays out is up to you. Know that you will be made painfully aware of any insecurities or unresolved emotional issues; and it will be up to you to take action to resolve them- or at least attempt to integrate them into your life, with as minimal drama and resistance to them as possible. Never forget that they are pieces of YOU- Why fight yourself? All this is taking place opposite Orcus, who bears the rather grim message of "Grow or Die". This is confirmed by a square to Jupiter- Stand up, quit your bitching and get it done. Theres also a rather interesting square that im compelled to bring up- A square to brand-spanking new Centuar 330836 Orius! Now since this guy is brand new (the name is about a week old) and im not comfortable posting a interp for him, but watch out for a post featuring him after I do some intensive research. A trine to another centaur, Cyllarus, smooths the way for you to take action and I recommend doing so only after doing some serious recon of the area. Know the territory before you take a leap. A conjunction to Teharonhiawako warns against those who would plot behind your back and try to cut you off at the knees. Surround yourself with those you can trust, and don't just jump at shadows- Enlist your lieutenants to do some covert ops. An opposition to Eurydike indicates that you are depending on something in particular, and that dependence will be stressed and tested. Do you really need it? Another opposition, to Achilles, suggests that you can probably make it without it, with sustained effort and a little luck.

Venus- Our girl is in Aquarius finally, and the lusty passion of Cap is well gone, but the light fun and optimism of Aqua should be more than enough to make up for it. Right out of the gate, we find her in a trine to Vesta, suggesting that your commitment to what and who you love should flow very naturally right now. Perfect for Desperation Valentine's Day! A square to Saturn confirms this, but adds a note of seriousness and brooding over old hurt. Things should be examined before being taken to the next level. A sextile to Pallas Athene doesn't do anything for romance, but you can bet your ass she will scrutinize every single candy heart and stuffed bear for just the right message and statement of romantic intent. Thats... about it actually, so lets move on.   

Mars Ultor- Covered already. Go back, do not pass go, do not collect $300

Jupiter- Now this is interesting... A sextile to Uranus is key here, adding some extra zap to Jupiter's thunderbolt. So in this case not only do you have to dream big, it has to serve a purpose. A square to Teharonhiawako confirms this, and suggests that you try something completely new to you. You may just find an undiscovered talent! A trine to Hera tells us that for once, these two are getting along. Stop the presses! Enjoy it by spending time with those you love.

Saturn- The Time Lord is gearing up to go Retrograde again, and then we'll back down from the edge of the cliff we're on. Til then, stall for time. The sextile to Pluto will be exact again, and all the fun THAT entails will be back in effect. A quincunx to Pallas Athene forces you to take a critical look at where you are in your life, and asks you where you want to be. What are you willing to do in order to get to where you want to be? A trine to Chiron shows you may have some difficulty facing that down, due to some personal insecurity or emotional pain- My advice would be to go slow and not back down from it. Another quincunx, to Vesta, shows that your commitment to where you are now  and what you are doing is being stretched to the limit. Is it better just to call this one? A square to Icarus confirms this, and suggests that you free yourself of what you allow to limit yourself. A sextile to Echeclus shows that you need to focus on more than just the present, you need to be aware of what you are doing to move yourself into the future.

Uranus- The square to Pluto is seperating, but ignore it at your own peril. Take this moment as a short break from that while you deal with everything else! A square to Helio shows that right now you do not feel as though you are at your best, and as such you are not so shiny to the rest of the world, creating a vicious cycle that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A square to Astraea confirms this, and suggests that you take a step back from the spotlight to recover that. An opposition to Hera tells you to make sure that your needs are represneted and that you do not allow anyone to manipulate you. A square to Narcissus confirms this, and warns you not to do the same to others.

Neptune- Is really not active this go-around, no major contacts to speak of. A square to Hebe and Hybris indicates that you may have to do some things that are unpleasant, and that you will need to swallow your pride a bit in order to do so. It will be worth it, however- bide your time. A sextile to Kassandra will help you know when the time is right to take action.

Pluto- Stormageddon is making some tell-tale rumblings, but has yet to actually pull the trigger. His sextile to Chiron is dissipating, but no you're not done dealing with it yet. Keep at it. A conjunction to Echeclus tells you to detach and gain a new perspective on your situation. You need to explore the root cause of your issue and how to move past it. A square to Pallas Athene helps here, pushing you to turn a critical eye inward without judgement. This is doubled by a conjunction to Minerva, the Roman counterpart of Pallas Athene. A square to Sappho indicates that this is something that is best worked through on your own, and not to be put on anyone else so much.

With all this, you guys should be able to rock it out, no problem!
-The AstroGeek

As always, the lovely Starzina Starfish-Browne has her Time of the Month Horoscope for you all and your viewing edutainment!

Also, go check out my very good friend JD over at Astrolosophy! Hes a fantastic Astrologer, and could even teach me a thing or two! Grymnal over at The Blurring Lines and Cruentus at The Chaos Cookbook are who I have been reading lately, also very good friends of the site and who will most definitely not kill my family if I forget to mention them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mercury in Pisces- On the Lam

Gods, like we didnt have enough to put up with already... Mercury is now in Pisces and gearing up for his retrograde. Wonderful. Well, lets dive in, shall we?

Retrograde... Yeah not even dealing with that right now. Hes still direct damn it, so he will be treated as such. Hes storming through Pisces at top speed, flying past Neptune so that he doesnt get trapped in his fantasy mire, waving at Chiron as he passes, and blazing out past Mars to grab the win. This pisses off everyone who's slumming in Pisces, causing them to band together and yank the smug little bastard back to the start and damnit this has become another Retrograde reference.

Look, we'll come back to this in my Retrograde post. Til then, stay off the cocaine, avoid bars if at all possible and for the love of god...*bzzzzzz*....whatever you do, dont....*static*


Friday, February 1, 2013

Venus in Aquarius- Strange Attractors

Raise your glass Hellraisers! Our Lady Venus is now in Aquarius! And like I was saying in the Mars in Pisces post, she is the other half of the crazypants astro we now get to deal with! Yay!

Well its really not so crazypants, Mars and Venus are lining up for their conjunction later on, one of everyone's favorite transits! And guess what- This time, its on Mars' terms, in Aries. Thats right people. If you needed further confirmation that 2013 was going to be absolutely amazing and insane, look no further than that transit. But we'll get to that when it comes.

For now, the goddess of love has entered the realm of the mad scientist, and the not-quite-all-there. Shes going to be rampaging in here, flipping emotional levers at random, just to see whats going to happen. If you come at this from a standpoint of emotions and security, then you are going to hate every second BUT if you switch your perspective and say, "Okay bitch- you got me. Now lets have some fun with this!" and join her in the lever flipping, taking notes as you go, you may just find out a lot about yourself, and your emotional reactions and triggers.

Now Our Girl doesnt really have anyone to play with in Aqua this go-around, other than the sun, so she gets a little down. Anyone who knows Venus knows that this is something to avoid at all costs, because it is a damn slippery slope from a little down to Queen Venus, Destroyer of Worlds (well, at least relationships). Right now though, you need to watch for a tendency to detach emotionally and allow yourself to rationalize your emotions and try to run them through your head first. Dont do this. I know it directly contradicts what I said earlier- live with it, its Astro. You need to be concerned with the pure science of exploring your emotions, not focused on the results that your experiments will bring.

Above all else, dont forget to feel
-The Astrogeek